10 Features That Make Air Ride Seats Worthy Investment

Seats are an essential vehicle accessory, and they play a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency of the driver. Poorly installed seats or a wrong type of seats can damage the health of the driver in the long run. It is, therefore, important that you invest in quality seats for your car. You may save money by settling for cheap ones, but their inferior design and comfort level will cost you more in terms of health problems.

Truck drivers usually experience back pains, and fatigue that may cause accidents. Again, the standard seats do not offer sufficient impact protection. Air ride seats are among the best in the transportation industry. Here are reasons why you should invest in one.

  1. Auto adjustment

The rigidity of the standard seats is their main undoing. An air ride seat adjusts with changes in the vehicle’s direction and shifts of the driver’s weight. Furthermore, they absorb vibrations which may injure the lower part of the back.

  1. Air suspension technology

It offers a faster adjustment rates than spring systems. Consequently, it delivers better ride experience and performance.

  1. Seat adjustments

The seats can be quickly moved backward or forward depending on a driver’s legroom requirements.

  1. Adjustable dampers

With these, you can set your desired shock absorption levels. You can opt for medium, soft and hard damper settings. This is an important feature for operators who have been diagnosed with back issues.

  1. Swivel seats

You can lock your truck seat facing the steering wheel at 0 degrees or adjust the angle up to 20 degrees to the left or right. The swivel makes looking backward more comfortable.

  1. Seat slide and cushion adjustment

With a push of the button, the length of the cushion can be adjusted outwards or inwards depending on your comfort requirements. Additionally, the cushion angle also can be adjusted upwards and downwards for enriched ease.

  1. Back-rest extension

The driver can adjust the total height of the backrest for improved backs support and comfort. It also has mid-back seat which supports the driver when he needs to look backward or turn.

  1. Seat warmers

This allows you to enjoy your ride even on a chilly winter. The heater is built into the seat and warms the seat and the back cushions as well.

  1. Optimum ride position indicator

The seat figures out for you the best position best on your stature. The indicator will show you if your current posture will offer a smooth ride or not. A green light, for example, indicates that the suspension will absorb maximum body vibrations.

  1. Occupancy sensor

It is a security measure determines if the driver’s seat is occupied. If empty, the car will not operate.

In conclusion,

Air ride seats will remain on top of the game for a long time due to its ergonomic design.