3 Tips to Being an Improved Driver

Whether young or old, there’s a very good chance that getting behind the wheel of a car or truck is part of your life.

That said how good of a driver are you?

For some people, good driving seems to be a natural thing. Others, meantime, can be rather reckless when they get behind the wheel. In doing this, they put themselves and others in danger.

If the time has come for you to be an improved driver, where do you start?

Make Driving Safety a Top Priority

So that you can focus in on being an improved driver, remember these three tips:

  1. Start early – Being a safe driver starts with the lessons you learn from the first time you get behind the wheel. If you are going for a driver’s permit and then a license, be sure to study the rules of the road. Passing the written and driving test the first time will give you more confidence when on the road on your own. Be sure to respect the road and of course the other drivers out there.
  2. Fix bad habits – It comes as no surprise that many drivers will tell you bad habits are hard to fix. That said don’t be that driver who continues to tailgate, speed, cut others off and more. If you have a habit for speeding or tailgating, is it because you’re almost always late? Take the extra time needed to leave earlier, allowing you to get to your destination on time. If you have a penchant for cutting people off, know that habit can come back to haunt you. While some drivers may ignore you cutting them off or make a hand gesture, others can react in a more violent way.
  3. Avoid notable distractions – Avoid distractions that hamper your ability to operate a vehicle. An example of this would be when using a hand-held cell phone in your vehicle. As more states have cracked down on this, the message is getting through to drivers. It only takes a second for a distraction by texting, answering a call, or using your phone to look something up. When these things happen, accidents can be the order of the day. Stay focused on the road and you will more than likely avoid accidents the majority of time.

Is Your Vehicle up to Speed?

As important as your driving habits are, never overlook the importance of a safe vehicle.

This starts with making sure your vehicle is as sound as possible.

Among the key areas of focus:

  • Keep your tires inflated at their proper levels
  • If your brakes begin to squeak on a regular basis, have them checked. Squeaking can be an early sign of the brakes braking down
  • Make sure all lights are working. If you have a blown headlight or taillight, it can lead to an accident

  • In the event you are in an accident, make sure to have your mechanic inspect the vehicle afterwards. Unseen damage can lead to your vehicle breaking down or even being in another accident at some point.

Being an improved driver over time isn’t exactly brain surgery.

By obeying the laws, respecting other drivers, and having a safe vehicle, you will be safer.

So, are you ready to drive off as the best driver you can be?