5 Ways to Reduce Running Cost of your Vehicle

A Car is the second most expensive purchase a person makes in his lifetime, after a house. It would be easier to accept this fact if the expense ends after you paying for the car however, life is hardly ever that fair. The expenses of owning a car continues for the whole duration of your ownership. So, if you don’t want to let the cost of running a car make a huge dent in your wallet, you should start searching for ways to economize. Fortunately, there are many methods you can adopt and save hundreds of dollars from the operation cost of your car by making small changes in your behavior.

Quit Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving actions like speeding, hard braking and rapid acceleration can reduce your car mileage by 33% and wastes gas needlessly, not to mention the danger it puts you and other drivers on the road in. If you quit these driving habits, you can save up to $700 per year. Saving on fuel is your best chance at lowering the running cost of a vehicle.

Turn the Engine Off

Drivers often waste the most fuel while idling and leaving the engine on unnecessarily, especially in winters. If you want to save money on fuel, turn the engine off when you are not driving however, not on traffic signals because it can cause inconvenience for other drivers. Start driving your car slowly after 30 seconds of warm up in winters to avoid wasting the fuel.

Invest in Tyre

Tyres are expensive but if you invest in high-quality brands like Yokohama tyres in Dubai, you can reduce the operating cost of your vehicle in the long run. Plus, if you look for reasonable tyre prices in UAE , you are sure to find something that matches your budget. Keep the tyres inflated at the optimum pressure and take your car for tyre maintenance at least once every three months to repair the wear and tear caused by careless driving. You can make more than $200 dollars of savings by keeping the tyres adequately inflated at all times.

Cut off the Air Conditioner

The biggest saving you can make on your vehicle is by cutting off the air conditioner but if you are not confident enough to brave the heat, try lowering it. Turning the air conditioner down can save you up to 25% of the expenses of running your vehicle. You can save more if you use the air conditioner smartly and keeping the windows down while driving.

Decrease Gas Mileage

If you drive at 50 mph most of the time, you can keep your gas mileage from decreasing and as a result, save money on fuel. On every 5 mph you drive at a speed of 51 mph or more, you add 20 extra cents to a gallon of gas, which ultimately amounts to $120 per year. If you want to save money on gas, than try driving within this limit. You can also save on gas mileage if you buy insurance or include this point in the insurance policy of your car.