An Innovation in Transportation

Why you should choose the electric bicycle to get to your destination

Every day we get into our cars to get from point A to point B. We grab the keys and crank up that machine and then, we sit in traffic and emit exhaust fumes that harm our beautiful world. Now, there has been an innovation in transportation and it has some great benefits. Instead of cranking that car, put on your helmet and hop on an electric bicycle.

Benefits of an Electric Bicycle

Electric bicycles provide many benefits to ourselves and the world we live in.

Benefits to Our World

Electric bicycles offer a green solution to transportation. These bikes are not emitting noxious fumes which harm the ozone layer and create problems in our environment. They are energy efficient and convenient.

Benefits to You

Electric bicycles have many wonderful benefits for us. With these bikes, we have a motorized mode of transportation which does not need any fuel. This also means more money in your pocket. These bikes are also ideal for riding on sidewalks and bike trails. They are the ideal choice for traveling to work, getting around campus, or just exploring the great outdoors. Again, the convenience is astounding.

Electric bicycles are also a great choice for your health. Even though they are electric, you still have to pedal. The electricity makes the pedaling easier, but nonetheless, you are pedaling. When your busy schedule gets in the way of exercising, this bike can help you fit exercise in and have fun at the same time. Some models of these cool bikes even include a throttle. This makes it easier to travel through strong winds and when going uphill.

Electric Bike Requirements

Electric bicycles are a great new thing, but there are some requirements to enjoying them on the road. The biggest requirement is age. Before you hop on that bike, take a look at the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations website. The age requirements vary from province to province. For example, in Alberta, the minimum age requirement is 12 years old while in Quebec you will need to be 18 years of age to legally cycle down the street on an electric bike. It is important to know the laws before investing in an electric bicycle.

Electric bicycles are a hot innovation for today’s society. With all the emphasis on healthy and green living, this option has come at just the right time. Globally, these bikes help protect the environment around us. If you are thinking of purchasing one or more of these bikes, start saving. The prices for a new electric bicycle range from $1900.00 to $2800.00 each – which is still a lot cheaper than a car. For this price, you are also getting something to help change the world and make your commute an enjoyable one.