An Insight into Car Accident Compensation Claims

Motor accidents never fail to make daily news headlines. That is unfortunate as the accidents cause injuries, property damages or both. Irrespective of the circumstances and conditions, you are entitled to make a compensation claim with the insurer, either yours or the other party’s.

Not all accidents are same. However, the steps to undertake in the aftermath of an accident are common and must be followed to receive the just amount of compensation for injuries and other losses.

Right on the Spot

First check if all passengers, drivers and others involved in the car collision are safe. If anyone is found to have sustained injury, call in for emergency service. Offer first aid to the injured before the medical team reaches the scene. Most of the times, minor injuries don’t show immediately. Prompt and proper medical attention is needed for health reasons and making claims as well.

Regardless of severity of injury, call in the police to investigate the scene and make a report. Having details of the accident recorded by the police is important as it asserts which of the drivers was responsible for the mishap.

If you are feeling alright, jot down the other cabby’s name, address, contact number, driving license number, vehicle license and insurance details. You must also collect the names and contact details of the witnesses.

If possible, take some photos of the accident site, the cars involved in the crash, positions of the traffic signals, debris, prominent skid marks and other evidences. Also note down the weather condition, road condition and last but not the least, the date and time of the accident.

Always refrain from issuing any statement at the accident spot as the other party may use it against you during the trials in the court.

Medical Attention

Receiving immediate and proper medical treatment for injuries is essential. If it is a minor injury, you will get well in a few days. If the problem does not go away, go for a second opinion. Maintain a diary to note your pain, suffering, symptoms, treatment and medications.

Whether you deserve compensation or not depends on your physical injury. Both the attorney and insurance company will take serious notes of documented medical record about your injury resulting from the accident and the extent of its impact on your present and future life.

Dealing with Insurance Company

Report the car accident to your vehicle insurance company. The insurer will hire a claim adjuster to deal with your claim while assigning it a unique number. The insurer will want you to disclose all the details that you know about the accident and may even ask you to produce a recorded statement about the accident as you saw and experienced everything.

Most car accidents cause property damages. In that case, the automobile insurance company usually sends an evaluator to assess the damages and decide if the vehicle is repairable. You may get a rental car from your insurance company as long as your car undergoes repairing but that depends on the type of insurance plan you own. Groth & Associates lawyers will offer you updated information about car accident claims and other details. Contact an attorney for genuine advice and immediate service.