Auto Repair: How to Keep Your Car AC and Heater in Top Condition

Not happy with the quality of air your car AC system is spewing? Just like your tire or brake system, the car’s air conditioning system too needs regular inspection and maintenance. When you neglect the routine maintenance the air conditioning components can crack or dry out. The ideal way to keep your interior cool and comfortable is to have your car air conditioning system inspected by one of the top auto repair shops in Lincoln Park, Michigan.

Tending to Your Car AC

It is vital to have routine checkups scheduled for the air conditioner as well as the car heater. Car heater is another component that should be in peak performing state, so you are not frozen to your bones when the temperature drops.Image result for Auto Repair: How to Keep Your Car AC and Heater in Top Condition

Checking involved inspection of blockages and leaky valves. With an expert from the best auto repair shops in Lincoln, Park, Michigan both the car heater and AC can be kept in good working order ensuring your car temperature is maintained at a pleasant and comfortable level in any weather condition.

AC Repair Alert Signs

Some of the important signs of fault in the air conditioning system and heater include:

  • If the interior air is just slightly cooler when compared to the air outside.
  • The cool air inside smells musty, mildew or mold like or damp.
  • If the cabin fails to warm up during cold weather.
  • Defroster does not work as it usually does.
  • The air conditioner works while driving but stops blowing when the car is idling or stationary.
  • Low flow in air even with high setting.
  • Air conditioner blows hot air and heater gives out cold air.

In case of insufficient or no cooling, you need to have the system checked by a professional. Evaluation of blower, internal controls, compressor belt, checking for leaks and other damages and conducting pressure test are some of the things that are done to identify the fault. When it comes to auto repair choosing one of the premium auto repair shops in Lincoln Park, Michigan is the best way to get the temperature control problems corrected effectively.