Be Sure to Check out Auction House Japan

The word is that Auction House Japan is a leading car exporter in the business of selling cars. The reasons are multifold. Firstly, it is an online auction house. Secondly, it deals in used Japanese cars which is akin to brand new. Thirdly, the auction house has liaison with 145+ auction house that enables it to have access to over 145,000 vehicles every week.

Long gone are days when people used to visit the actual auction site and manually place bid in order to secure the desired vehicle. But since then a lot has changed. People are resorting to online means whereby this sit and bid from the comforts of their sofa.

Look no further than Auction House Japan

It is not surprising why Auction House Japan has become such a huge deal primarily because leading Japanese vehicles are aboard its ship. Brands such as Subaru, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda, Mazda and Suzuki among others is what makes Auction House Japan so unique.

The inspection team at Auction House Japan are amazing too and not just their service. They carry out thorough inspection of the cars whereby any vehicle which has parts that are not optimum or is not functioning at an optimal level are addressed.

The example is that of tires. If they are old and worn out, they will be replaced by a new set of tires which are in good condition. Similarly any repairs, maintenance and cleaning is required in a vehicle, they are accordingly catered to.

A thing about Japanese and Japanese car auction house

There is something which you must be aware of when importing Japanese used vehicles from Japan auction houses. Japanese people are generally known to be taking care of their vehicles and they change their vehicles every 2-3 years so they stay in their pristine condition.

Unlike dealerships and at distributors, online auction houses especially AHJ, show only vehicles up for grabs that are actually present on ground to bid on. AHJ will not deceive you into believing cars that are not part of its arsenal by displaying them on its website. New models of the cars are being included every now and then.

Know this that, Japanese car auction house is a reliable stop for used Japanese cars as all the vehicles which are put up for auction pose little or no complaints in terms of their operational efficiency. No wonder why Japanese cars are popular worldwide. Plus, AHJ has the lowest prices to offer vehicles at.

With AHJ, you can export vehicles to any part of the world including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Pakistan among others. We bet you that the prices are unbeatable when compared to the rival auction houses.

By purchasing from AHJ, you have the opportunity to avail buyer’s safety. Buyer’s safety acts as an antidote to any malpractices that may result from the sale of car. For example, a tampered with odometer but due to buyer’s safety in place the regulatory bodies keep a close check on all auction houses in Japan.

Had it been any other auction house in the world, no assurances could have be provided whether or not the car will be in its absolute best. But at AHJ and the likes, you get that assurance.

A walkthrough for getting onboard

Upon registering, you are required to submit the initial deposit money so that you can participate in the live bidding as without it you will not be allowed to do so. Deposit is refundable and at Japanese car auction house you will get the amount back in full if your bid is unsuccessful.

Only when your bid is successful, you pay through modes of payment available at AHJ. Moreover, you can provide your consent if you don’t want the refund and instead wishes to participate in the next bidding/live auction with that money.

Transparency mechanism is always upheld. You are able to view the winning price and can also see the commission which will be earned when the sale is concluded. So there is really no reason to doubt anything about these auction houses such as AHJ.

Your vehicle of choice will be delivered to your nearest port but the number of days it will take depends on the availability of shipping options as well as distance the country has from Japan. Some may take 15 days while others can take up to month for the shipment to reach them. All relevant documentation will accompany these vehicles.