Benefits Custom Car Covers Have Over One Size Fits All

There are many options available for car covers, but in general, people usually purchase either a custom car cover or a one size fits all cover. However, there are major differences between the two. Read more about the difference between the two and why there are more benefits with the custom car cover over the one size fits all option.

One Size Fits All

When it comes to one size fits all car covers, they usually fall short of the full coverage that your car needs. One size fits all covers are typically produced in mass numbers and are available in only a few sizes that are supposed to properly cover any size car from only a few choices in size. And while the cover itself might fully cover the car, if it does not properly fit tightly around the vehicle, the vehicle will likely still be exposed to the elements and other hazards and you are not really getting what you need for your vehicle.

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Custom Car Covers

With custom car covers, you can be sure that your vehicle will be fully covered and that the cover will fit tightly around your vehicle, covering every inch of space so that there is not exposure left. Custom car covers are tailor-made to your vehicle, meaning that it is a true fit. California Car Cover Co. takes it one step further with their custom car covers and offers options down to the very last detail by taking into consideration whether your car has an antenna, a spoiler, or other specific features to customize the car cover around.

Custom car covers can come in any material you prefer such as a hard or soft car cover, and you can work with the team to find the cover that best suits your needs for the environment your car will be in.