Best motorcycle jackets with armor

Choosing the right motorcycle jacket can be harder than you think. This whole process is not just about the safety. A rider is constantly visible by other people on the road, so finding the right look can be just as important protection. When picking the right jacket for you, there are a lot of factors you have to evaluate.

First of all, you have to know what you expect from your purchase. Making this choice greatly depends on your motorbike, riding style and your fashion choices. The jacket you will pick has to match with your vehicle. Going for a more casual, waxed-cotton jacket while riding a superbike will not only create a huge mismatch, but also won’t other enough protection like kevlar jacket would. On the other hand, riding a classy vintage motorcycle while wearing a racing jacket will make you look childish. Try to pick out a piece of protective apparel which would go hand in hand with your motorcycle.  Here are some choices you should definitely consider.

Barbour International – Duke Wax Jacket


A great choice when going for a casual look, Barbour Interational is a well-established competitor in a motorcycle apparel industry. These jackets are well known for their great durability, especially in cold and unpredictable weather conditions. This jacket does not have CE rated armor, making it a cheap, but very durable choice for a casual rider. Duke Wax Jacket is waterproof, so it is perfect in rainy weather conditions, keeping you warm and dry throughout the day.

M65 CAMO – Slim-fit, Motorcycle Jacket with Dyneema


Military-inspired M65 CAMO jacket is a wonderful choice, suitable both for men and women. The best way to realize the greatness of this jacket is to pay attention at the details. A bi-swing back with stretch panels offers an exceptionally comfortable ride, along with adjustable Velcro cuffs to cover your gloves. M65 CAMO is reinforced with chain stitches and interlock seams for unbeatable durability. With KNOX® approved shoulder and elbow protectors, this jacket is a great example of comfort, durability and superb engineering.

Alpinestars GP Tech Leather Jacket


This jacket is an absolute celebrity in the world of motorcycle apparel. Alpinestars GP Tech model is the best choice sport-bike riders. External shoulder and elbow padding offers a wonderful protection from crashes, which are significantly more dangerous on the race track. This jacket may seem a bit pricy at first, but the proper CE-armor interior protection it offers more than makes up for it, so if you are interested high-performance, protective motorcycle apparel, this jacket is exactly what you are looking for.

Furygan – Texas Outlast Leather Jacket


If you are beginner rider and have trouble deciding what jacket to choose, Texas Outlast Leather Jacket is a jack of all trades. It offers a highly desirable CE-armor protection, but maintains that cool casual look a lot of beginners love to maintain. There are lots of cheaper jackets you can get, but Texas Outlast offers a great style with wonderful protection, so as an introduction to the world of motorcycle apparel, it is definitely worth the price.