Car Protection Pro

  • What exactly is paint protection film?

The paint protection film can be used in protecting the beauty and integrity of car’s paint finish. The 8-mil colorless urethane film complies with the vehicles painted areas that are vulnerable. That is the grille, front bumpers, side mirrors, fenders and hot front. One of the most thoroughly tested, advanced, protection film you can apply to your car or vehicle is the 3M paint protection film. You can get this by contacting ProShield today.

  • Is installation difficult, can I do it myself?

The pattern or way of installing the paint protection film changes according to the vehicle type. Some vehicles are easy and quick, while those vehicles with heavy contours can consume more patience and time (4-6 hours) to properly install a kit.

  • Is there a difference between headlamp film and paint protection film?

The 3M paint protection film is 80mil thick. This paint protection film can be used for all kinds of kits (including headlights kits). Others may attempt to deceive you and make you pay more for 12-14mil films claiming that more protection is gotten by using it. Experience has helped us find out that, this is not true. This paint protection tends to have a more difficult installation process and can as well damage your headlight because they capture heat under the film.

  • Can it be applied to vehicles that had the paint touched up?

Make sure your vehicle should be fully cured and professionally painted before paint protection film can be applied. If you touch-up scratches with a touch-up paint tube and then get paint protection film applied over it, this enables the film to protect such area until it is removed. In case the paint protection film gets removed, there is a possibility that the touch-up paint area can peel off alongside the film.

  • Will the kit perfectly fit my car?

Some kit may be shorter than required for coverage. The reasons why these kits are made like this is to compensate on contours and curves on your vehicle. These kits are expected to be tacked with squeegee and then stretch into place. Material should never be allowed to hang over the edge. It is advised that, kits should be stretched to 1/16th to 1/8th of the inch from the edge. Thus, allowing air solution and bubbles to be squeegee out towards the edges and then be released.

  • Is the paint protection Kit invisible?

Protection films are not very visible to the human eye once installed properly. A straight line is noticeable from certain angles at the top part of the hood and vender sections. The bumper and grille kits are almost unnoticeable. An average man will walk by the vehicle without realizing it is presently there, until you let them know.