Custom 4×4 Motorhomes – Why They’re a Great Choice

Motorhomes are the perfect vehicle to explore countries like Australia as they provide everything that travellers could wish for in the one vehicle. However, while there are many excellent benefits to buying a motorhome to explore the Great Southern Land in, not all motorhomes meet the needs and requirements of adventurous travellers. That’s why many opt to buy custom 4×4 motorhomes.

If you’re looking for a premium-quality 4×4 campervan for sale for your travels, there are many reasons why a custom-built 4×4 motorhome is the right choice. Here are some of the many benefits.

Custom-Built to Your Specifications

When you buy a custom motorhome, it’s built to your specifications so you can rest assured that it’s going to provide you with the performance and features that you insist on. That means if you want two single beds or a larger queen-size bed, that’s your choice!

Once-Piece Fibreglass Body

A common problem with motorhomes that have been built onto the back of a ute is that they leak, which can be disastrous with the often-unpredictable weather conditions in various parts of the country. However, when you choose a custom-built motorhome with a one-piece body, it’s stronger and less likely to get damaged and it won’t leak. What’s more, most manufacturers offer excellent warranties, so you’ll be covered for at least five years.

A Full Ensuite

You can choose from various layouts when having a custom motorhome built to your specifications, so you can have a full ensuite installed that makes living in a motorhome for lengthy periods of time more comfortable. If you want to enjoy the benefits of having a separate shower, vanity and toilet in the ensuite of your motorhome, then having a custom-built motorhome really is the way to go!

Complete Kitchen

Another great benefit to having a custom motorhome built is the opportunity to enjoy a complete kitchen, which like a full ensuite, makes living in a motorhome for long periods of time so much more enjoyable. Most custom motorhome companies offer a choice of kitchen layouts, enabling you to choose the ideal layout for your travelling requirements.

4×4 Benefits

There are many benefits to having a 4×4 motorhome as opposed to one that’s two-wheel drive. These include, but are not limited to:

  • You can get off road easily which enables you to explore more and stay in more places, including many free campsites which regular vehicles are unable to access.
  • Your vehicle can have the suspension upgraded, enabling you to get to even more off road destinations, increasing carrying capacity and reducing wear and tear on the suspension.
  • 4×4 motorhomes are the perfect size and they’re not as bulky as most conventional motorhomes, which means you have more parking options.

These are all great benefits to having a 4×4 motorhome as opposed to a 2WD model, so if you think that you’d like to travel through the Outback and experience the many wonders it has to offer, a 4×4 motorhome that has been custom-built by a reputable local motorhome company is ideal for you.