Different Types of Car Accident Injuries

The number of car accidents is unfortunately spiking up with every passing year. All car accidents cause casualties in form of physical injuries and/or property damages. A good number of car mishaps cause heavy damages.

Car accident injuries vary from one incident to another, one person to another but some are fairly common. This write-up will provide an insight into the commonest car accident injuries. However, accurate information regarding injuries resulting from a particular car accident should be availed from only a doctor.

Chest & Neck Injuries

Whiplash is likely to be the most familiar type of car accident injury. The rear-end collisions often cause sudden ‘head and neck’ movement and that, in turn, results into fatal damages to neck ligament and muscle. However, the extent of injury is not same for all the car accident victims and depends a lot on the person’s health and severity of the accident.

Swelling and neck pain are among the common neck injuries suffered by the victims in the event of an accident. Some victims even suffer temporary paralysis of their vocal cord after an accident takes place.

Many grave injuries involve the chest part. Blunt force trauma causes collapsed lungs and broken ribs. Someone with a heart problem can even sustain traumatic cardiac arrest after an accident. The problem can manifest itself in form of internal chest bleeding. The internal organs, abdomen and pelvis can also suffer mild to heavy damages. Any of the aforementioned injuries requires medical attention as immediately as possible.

Head & Back Injuries

Head injuries are always considered very serious whether a person suffers it after a car accident or ‘slip and fall’. Both the drivers and passengers run the risk of striking their heads against the dashboards, windows or steering wheels and it may result into painful head injuries and inflict long-term or even permanent cognitive problems on the victims. They may suffer mild concussions, comas or anything in between.

Head injuries may also cause skull fractures, vision problems or loss of hearing. Irrespective of the syndrome and suspected fatality, head injuries warrant for immediate medical treatment. In case of severe injuries, the victims need extensive and long-term medical care.

The car accident victims may also sustain back injuries involving damages to the spinal cord. It produces a negative effect on the nerves. As a result, the person may experience reduced control over and sensation of arms, feet, legs, hands and other parts. If the nerve damage is more serious, it could leave the patient paralyzed for once and all.

Herniated disk is another common injury sustained following a car crash. However, it is not as bad as head or spinal cord injuries though may cause serious problems. Tingling sensation or numbness, arm/leg pain and muscle weakness are some of the commonest syndromes.

Car injuries may also cause fractures in hands, legs and feet. The person may pick up such an injury along with more severe head, neck or back injuries. The pedestrians getting involved into a car mishap often suffer hand and/or leg injury.

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