Different Types of Lorries You Should Know

Here’s what you need to know about lorries and the different types available.

1. Curtainsider

This is the most popular type of lorry you will find on the road. That’s because it can hold a lot of weight in crates or pallets. You can use them to promote your business or firm since you can print your business logo on the sides. Besides that it’s less secure compared to a container, it has a lot of flexibility. Curtainsiders are very popular in the UK, thanks to Eddie Stobart who has used them continuously since the start of the firm.

2. Flatbed

It is an ideal truck for moving goods such as metals, woods and any flat surfaces as requested. The goods will be secured properly on the flatbed, making it one of the easiest ways to move such type of goods. Flatbeds are often used in the construction niche. They are perfect for moving construction supplies such as pipes and much more. This type of truck can hold a lot of weight just like a curtainsider.

3. Moffet

Similar to the curtainsider but varies when it comes to size. However, it has a feature that makes it quite different and resourceful when it comes to handling bulk goods. The moffet can handle as much as 1200kgs of goods and it comes in different sizes and shapes allowing proper adaptation to the needs of the driver. Therefore, it’s easy enough to load and offload goods whenever you’re transporting bulk goods.

4. Walking Floor

These trucks can move bulk goods in large quantities. Even better with palletised stuff, it’s easy enough to push them off the trailer with a single button. You can use it to transport cobblestones, wood shavings, sand or any other disposable products. As a result, it’s effortless to move products from one place to the other. You can forget about moving such products in barrels or any other containers that can be easily damaged.

5. Transporter

These trucks are often used to move cars from one location to the other. Loading items on transporters can take a while but they are easy to transport vehicles or other heavy goods on the road. “You will notice most of the successful and renowned vehicle companies often utilise these type of trucks for their vehicle transportation needs,” says an HGV expert at HGV Driver Training Centre.

6. Crane Mounted

These trucks are designed for a specific purpose since they are mostly used in the construction industry. However, they are often used to move pallets and other items efficiently. One disadvantage of these trucks is that they have less space than an average container. However, they are more efficient for offloading compared to a forklift.

7. Tipper Truck

You will notice tipper trucks in waste sites since they are used to load and offload disposals into dump sites. The distinguishing feature of this truck is that it can raise its own trailer. Therefore, rather than moving what’s inside, the truck will drop everything and lower the back thus making it easier and faster to handle disposals.

8. Tankers

They are often used to transport resources such as fuel to different petrol stations. When carrying flammable liquids, there is often a warning on the side to alert drivers and other vehicles on the road.

9. 7.5 Tonne Trucks

They are often used for removals and relocations. They are quite smaller than HGVs and can fit in smaller roads. 7.5-tonne trucks are often hired or rented to people relocating from one home or office to the other. The vehicle can carry as much as 2300kg.

In conclusion, depending on your transportation needs, you should be able to find a good truck to assist accordingly. Of course, you need to factor in the weight measurements and distance to make sure you find the best vehicle.