Donate your used or junk car for charity

If you are a wealthy man and have more luxury and happiness in your life than you actually want then you can prefer to donate some of your cars that you do not use and spread the happiness across those people who actually need it. There are many charities who accept cars in any form whether they are drivable or not. These charities offer vehicle removal services and can help you to take your car from your place. Most of the charities either use those cars for their personal charity use or they simply sell the cars in auction to get some money out of it, which will be used in teen challenge to help them fight against the addiction of drugs and alcohols.

Take the challenge and help teens fight against drug and alcohol addiction

There are many teens who are struggling to get rid of the drug and alcohol addiction as it is harmful for them. Many charities have also taken the initiative of helping those teens who are getting addicted to drug and alcohol at such a young age. These charities host many types of activities, programs and awareness campaigns to let the maximum teenagers become aware of these addictions. You can help those teenagers by donating your junk car or used old car to the charity, so that they can take their fight against drug and alcohol addiction.

How to donate your car?

Donating the car is really easy. Mentioned below are few things that you can do to donate your car.

  1. You need to search a charity who is interested in buying used and junk cars.
  2. You can provide the details of your car to these charities so that they can make their mind whether to keep it for charity use or to sell it to get some instant cash.
  3. These charities will arrive at your place and will take away the car at their expenses.