Effective Tips in Making your Brake Pads Last Longer

Brake pads are quite important in every vehicle. If they are not attended like if one will not even realize that they are already wearing thin, the driver, as well as the passengers, might get in a serious trouble while in the vehicle.

Brake pads should be checked regularly especially when the signs are starting to show like when the car starts to pull on its own, there is a squealing sound every time the brake pedal is stepped on and more. If brake pads are too thin, they cannot function they way they used to or the way they should be.

Do you know that you can make your brake pads last longer? Yes and how you can make it happen, feel free to check below:

Speed kills

Stopping from a high speed is one of the worst enemies of brakes. In fact, there is a big difference when you go 65 mph from 55 mph. When the speed is too much and you suddenly stop, your brake will then be forced to exert more effort which is not good.

No left foot

Left foot should not be allowed on the brake pedal. You see, just like anything in this world, the more you use your brakes, the earlier the brake pads will be worn out. That said, if you won’t use your left foot, you can avoid to simultaneously step the two pedals. This way, your brake pads can also take a rest.

Do Coasting

If you know ahead that you are about to stop, you can be a coaster. It means you can either turn off the engine ahead or slow down so that your car will only need minimal effort for the brake to make it stop completely.

Memorize your way

Sometimes, it is because one is not familiar with the road that he will suddenly stop like maybe he does not know that he needs to turn and so on. This is why it also pays if you will familiarize the areas you will frequently pass.

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