Everything You Need to Pack for RV Road Trip

RV which is the short form for the recreational vehicle refers to the specially designed motor vehicle and trailers that have living chambers and offers temporary accommodation during a road trip. Some examples of renowned RVs include caravans, popup campers, campervans, fifth-wheel trailers, truck campers, and motorhomes.

The main amenities contained in recreational vehicles include bathroom, kitchen, and sleeping facilities. They range from low-class RVs which provides only sleeping chambers and cooking facilities to first class ones that have features like television and satellite receptors, air conditioners, water heaters, quartz countertops, and so much more. The vehicles are sturdy to cover long distances. They can also be internet-enabled so that in case an accident occurs you can confidently find and say, “I have a car accident attorney near me”.

Perhaps you might be wondering what to pack for your RV road trip in order to derive optimal enjoyment from it. The following are top necessities that you need to pack before you undertake an RV road trip:

  • Kitchen items

Nothing feels good like being able to cook meals comfortably during a road trip. It reduces the hassle of running to restaurants from time to time. The following are the basic items you need to carry during your RV road trip:

  1. Cooking utensils
  2. Pots and pans
  3. Aluminum foil
  4. Food storage containers
  5. Measuring cups and spoons
  6. Trash storage bags
  7. Knives and cutting boards
  8. Stackable mixing bowls

Depending on your space, you can also carry appliances such as a blender and breadmaker.

  • Bathroom and bed necessities

Enjoyable trips take days or weeks on the camping site. When this occurs, you will definitely need to carry along adequate bath and bed items such as:

  1. Laundry detergents
  2. Toiletries
  3. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  4. Washcloths and towels
  5. Shower puffs
  • Safety and emergency necessities

They should be top on the RV packing list. The emergency and safety items differ depending on where you are heading. You need to carry enough of these in case something happens that may require immediate assistance. Some of the RV emergency equipment include smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors, and many others. Just see to it that you include everything that is paramount to your safety. In addition, you should also include medical first aid kits in case of sickness and injury.

  • Clothes

Deciding on which clothing you should carry on the trip can be challenging. This is because the weather changes from time to time. When packing your clothes, the best decision is to bring along clothing that is lightweight and can be worn in different weather situations.  These include waterproof pants and windbreakers that can be used for warmth or to block the wind. A pair of sturdy shoes and one or two pairs of socks will keep your feet dry throughout the trip. A hat will also help block off the harmful sun rays and moisture-wicking shorts and t-shirts will keep you warm when it is cold.


  • RV and camping necessities

Nothing more is enjoyable on an RV trip than camping. To undertake camping, you need to carry along the following items:

  1. Camping chairs
  2. Fishing equipment, bikes, hiking boots
  3. Flashlights and headlights to provide light in the darkness.
  4. Water bottles
  5. Insect repellants to keep off harmful insects.

There are other items that you should not carry on an RV road trip. They add more weight and you will not be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest. They include:

  • Heavy reading materials
  • High heeled shoes
  • Unnecessary computers and electronics.

Do you want to enjoy your RV road trip? Carry only the necessary items and come back from the trip a rejuvenated individual.