Five Car Maintenance Questions Answered

Many people who have a vehicle don’t think about car maintenance, especially newly passed drivers, but it is important to start thinking about it. Ignoring warning lights and not getting something fixed is where many people do wrong, and this can and often does lead to dangerous accidents. That is why it was hugely important to us to provide you with the answers of the top most common questions about car maintenance.

Car maintenance questions answered:

Do I need to warm my engine up in winter?

When it comes to winter driving we often advise people to warm their engine up for around 15-30 seconds, no longer is needed. However, this totally depends on the vehicle you’re driving, for instance if you’re planning to pull a trailer behind you, then warming the engine up for up to five minutes can be useful.

How much air shall I put into my tyres?

This information for this is normally stored in the vehicles manual book, for further information you can always ask your local mechanic.

What do I need to keep a check on?

When it comes to car maintenance it is important to keep a check on things such as, all your lights, for example headlights, sidelights, brake lights, reverse and indicators – if they go out or become dull it is time to change them. Another thing which you should check on is under your bonnet, and these are hoses. There are a variety of hoses which are used for different things, so if you notice that they need replacing and are worn out then get them changed straight away. To find out more information visit:

Before long car trips what maintenance do I need to think about?

When it comes to long car trips we advise people to check the oil level, you can do this but taking the stick out, wiping it, putting it back in and then take it out and check where the oil level is. If the oil level is too low, then it is important to fill it up. Adding to this we also advise to top up tire pressure if you need to.

How do I know if I need new wiper blades?

Many people leave the wipers on for a while however we strongly advise you change them when you notice these: if the wipers are making a weird noise, if the water on your car doesn’t move off effectively and if your wiper is scraping your windscreen. It is incredibly important to change the wipers because without one which work correctly you will struggle to see in bad weather conditions.