Four Things to Carry While Traveling On the Highways of South Africa

It doesn’t matter if you are going Bloemfontein from Cape Town or moving along the borders of South Africa and Zimbabwe. You are on one of the fastest moving highways in the world with some best Japan second-hand cars freshly imported from the auto auction houses of that automobile empire which we called Japan.

To keep your journey on the South African Highways, it is always important that you carry those things in your car which can help you in any uncertain situation that could happen on a highway where the car runs with the speed of 150+ mph. These things could be anything according to the conditions and situations you feel could happen on your journey. These things could be in hundreds which are stupid to carry. That is why you have to pick n choose the most useful things for the journey.

To help you out with that, I am writing this article for all those who own used cars in South Africa and travel a lot on the South African highways. In the next lines, you are going to read four of those things which you should carry whenever you have to travel on the highways of South Africa.

Spare Tires:

The distance between the two major cities of South Africa which are Cape Town and Johannesburg is 1,397.5 Km. this takes about half of the day intense driving where you have to keep your speed up to the hundred mark. In such unfriendly conditions, the tires bear the most burden. That is why it is always better to carry not one but two extra tires with you when you have to go beyond the limitations. South Africa is the 25th largest country in the world area wise. Which means if you are taking the road means of transportation then you do need some additional tires in case if anyone out of four gets burst or punctured.

Jumper Cables:

You are going to need it a lot in the winters. While traveling for long, most of the time the batteries of the cars get run out of enough to charge to start your car. Even pushing it sometimes make the things worst. In such scenario, the only thing which can save you are the jumper cables. However, just carrying them is not enough. You should do practice once or twice to understand how these jumper cables work and you can charge up your dead batteries with that. If not that, you can also carry an emergency battery booster so you don’t have to rely on any stranger sharing his battery’s current with you.

Belt Cutter and Window Breaker:

I pray that you would not need these two things ever in your driving but yes caution is an important thing to do. According to some reports, most of the casualties that happen in the car accidents are due to the driver getting stuck in the seat belts or within the car. They fail to get out of the car which ends up excessive bleeding or being unable to ask for help which can be converted into the lifesaving act. Just for the sake of extra care, keep a belt cutter and window breaker in your glove compartment so you can reach it in any unwanted situation.

Flares and Reflective Triangle:

The major part of South African highway doesn’t have the street lights or any other source of light apart from nature’s lamp. That is why it is always better to keep something with you that can tell the other cars about your location if you are parked anywhere. If you have stopped for a nap or having dinner with your colleagues somewhere at the highway, do not forget to use flares or reflective triangle to make others aware of your car’s location.