Getting Your Used Car Ready to Sell

You’ve seen a car at the dealership you just have to get but before you sign on the dotted line you must sell your current vehicle. There are several steps you will need to get through before you can pop a “For Sale” sign on the dash. Here are a few ideas that might put more money while sending your current ride to a new home.

Fix It Up

The first appointment you need to make is with a mechanic. Have the technician take a once over to ensure the car is in working order and not in need of any major repairs. You might also want to drop by a body shop if it is worse for wear. If there are any dings or dents, you can invest in paintless dent removal st. louis to pop them out. The body shop can also check for torn upholstery and carpeting that might bring the value down.

Clean It Up

Another stop you might want to make before putting your vehicle up for sale is to the car wash. A professional detail job will make your wheels shine and attract the eye of potential buyers. A car that is clean and looks almost new will sell fast. You can also wash the car and vacuum the interior yourself if that works better for your schedule and budget.

Get Your Paperwork In Order

Having accurate records of repairs, tire replacements, oil changes and more can keep the attention of a potential buyer and possibly convince them to buy the vehicle. If they can see all the care you put into the car that you are selling, it will assure them that it will last them for years also. It is worth it to take the time to sort through your paperwork and get it in order to present to potential buyers.