Good Quality Tires And Safety Gear For Sport Racing  

 A dual-sport motorcycle is designed for both street and off-road uses. This dual-sport motorcycle is sometimes referred to the all-road or dual-purpose motorcycle. A dual-sport motorcycle is equipped with equipment e.g. lights, speedometer, mirrors, horn, license plate mounting, and muffler, etc. like the standard street bike and can be registered and licensed for street use.

Dual-sport motorcycle owners usually customized their machine to match the type of terrain or roads on which they ride. Common modifications done on the bikes are changing of tires, handlebars, seats, foot pegs. Adding larger petrol tanks, racks, luggage and wind screens are common for long distances travel.

Tires are very important parts of your motorcycles. Without tires, your motorcycle will take you nowhere. When choosing the right dual-sport motorcycle tires for your motorcycle, here are some tips to consider.

  • The contact area which the tire’s surface makes with the road or trail. The more surface area, the better the traction.
  • Tread depth – the deeper the tread, the more earth materials will be displaced.
  • Tire pattern on the tread – larger voids release mud more easily and prevent tires from packed mud.
  • Durability – soft tires wear faster but offer better grip compared to stiff tires. Stiff tires last longer.

While the dual-bike is being customized for sport racing, the rider must also be properly geared for the race. It is important for sport racers to be equipped with a full set of motocross gear.

  • Safety helmet: A helmet with a visor to protect from flying stones, dirt, particles, etc. A motocross helmets has a wider eye port for a pair of goggles, and a vented mouth piece for more air flow. It also has removable liner and cheek pads for washing after each race.
  • Goggles: To protect eyes and face from debris e.g. dust, dirt, or insects. Some goggles are designed to accommodate prescription glasses.
  • Jersey and pants: With proper paddings and ventilations for protection and comfort.
  • Gloves: Proper fitting gloves to prevent blisters and protection.
  • Boots: To protect feet, ankles and shins from injury.
  • Neck Braces: To protect from neck injury.
  • Chest Protectors: To protect stomach, chest, shoulders from objects, branches, debris.

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