Honda Grazia: What’s Right and What’s Wrong

Honda Grazia is one of the top rated scooter of a Japanese motor producer. It is new, fresh andis a full of highlights and features alongwithgreat contemporary features and styles. It is considered special and unique as it incorporates some of the first-in-section highlights, which includes- the LED fog light. It’s the eighth model in Honda’s flexible scooter range. With the launching of this new scooter variant Grazia, Honda is planning to aim at the youth in India. This Honda product sports a plastic bodywork, an LED fog light and a large group of energizing highlights that makes it alluring and a decent esteem for-cash alternative. With all this Honda Grazia also includes sharp lines and some chrome highlights on itsframework which makes it best of all. Concerning the back plan, the seat of this Honda product has someadvancement to it as it has some snatch rails. The expansive tail light comes in coordination with clear focal point indicators which makes it more special.

Now that we know this scooter a bit, let’s see what is right and what is not!


This Honda product is considered the most element rich scooter of all times. It has completely advanced and revamped instrument bunch which includes a eco speed marker which is three stepped and is great for good fuel productivity. It also highlights a front glove box which also has a charging port. It also has an 18-liter of fuel capacity which is under the seat. It also has a 4-in-one bolt which controls the access to the storage space under the seat. This new scooteris accessible in multiple color options to choose from, spo you no longer have to stick to the boring black or white.


This Honda Grazia is of a great size and comfort. The seat is pleasing and extremely wide. The ergonomics on this scooter are right on target, and it is supplemented by suspensions. The telescopic and adaptive fork contributes hugely to the ride and takes great care of the crashy characteristics of a trailing-arm front suspension. It speeds soundly to about 75kph and proceeds to show the best speed of 88kph on its computerized speedo.


This scooter is fueled by indistinguishable 125cc motor. It has a BS-IV consistent 124.9cc air-cooled, single-barrel unit which produces 8.52bhp at 6,500rpm and 10.54Nm of torque at 5,000rpm and mated to a CVT gearbox. It is a simple and easy to ride scooter as it has 125cc unit which works wonders under every condition. Suspension obligations of Honda Grazia are taken care of by adaptive front forks and a solitary water driven damper at the back. This scooter also has a 90/90 12-inch front and 90/100 10-inch tubeless tires which makes it even more special.

Now that we all the rights, let’s get to some wrongs-

This Honda product has a stiffer setting and the plastic body which makes it an easy to handle scooter, is somewhat flimsy at some places. Another drawback is its less and low productions. There are a lot of orders being placed but the final product is not up to the demand. You will have to wait for your chance to ride this wonderfully amazing scooter.

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