How Can I Prolong The Life Of My Car?

Finally, you can buy your dream car. And since this is the car you always wanted, you want it to look its best and new at all times. You want to take care of it so no harm will come and it would last longer. That is a good thing to do. It is every car owner’s responsibility to keep their engines well-maintained at all times. Repairs are often expensive and buying a new car is even more costly. No one wants to spend unnecessarily. Their hundreds of preventive measures and maintenance tips you can follow not just to extend the life of your car but to save yourself from a lot of expenses and prevent yourself and your vehicle from getting into accidents. A lot of car accidents are due to maintenance neglect. Here are some things you can do to give your car a long life.

Observe Patience During Your Break-In Period

Whenever you purchase a new automobile, there is what we call the break-in period. It is usually the first 1000 miles of driving. During this time, your car is new to usage; therefore do not make it perform strenuous driving. As much as possible, stay within 55 mph or whatever speed is recommended by the car manufacturer. Remember, the speed limit may vary from one model and brand to another, so it is essential to take note and follow what is standard for your car.

Drive Carefully At All Times

A lot of drivers become carefree after the break-in period. It is a mistake you should never do. Be considerate when driving your car every single time. Do not try to race the car engine when it is still starting up. And when you begin, accelerate slowly. It is also best to prevent yourself from accelerating fast and driving at high speeds when the weather is too cold or too hot.

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Keep Your Car Clean

Another thing that can save your car from accelerated wear and tear is by keeping it clean at all times. Make sure to wash your car so the dirt will not accumulate regularly. Do take note to take your vehicle for Houston car detailing once or twice a year depending on its condition. Detailing will ensure that every inch of your car gets cleaned. Experts make sure to apply, sealants and wax on different parts for protection so do not miss it.

Do Not Purchase Low-Quality Gas

A lot of people try to save money on gas by purchasing from cheap gas stations. Do not try to do so. Using low-quality gas will cause the engines to malfunction eventually. You may not see the effect right away, but you will regret after a few years. It is safer to purchase your gas from reputable gas stations.

Do Not Park Under the Sun

Sometimes it is unavoidable but try to park your car where it will not receive a lot of suns. The sun’s UV rays can cause damage to different parts of your vehicle.

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