How New Technologies Are Improving Road Safety

Several measures have been taken to reduce the increasing rate of road carnage or accidents. We have seen different governments put in measures to reduce the number of road accidents.  Several campaigns have also been launched to educate the public on road safety. Some companies are also trying to incorporate the use of technology to curb road accidents.

It is no secret technology has impacted our lives to a certain extent, and it can also help reduce the number of accidents happening on our roads. Some countries have already tested and started using autonomous vehicles, which are self-driven. They do not need humans for operation. These types of vehicles use advanced technologies to navigate through the different roads.

They can detect objects around them and avoid a collision. This helps reduce road carnage to a greater extent. There are also vehicle tracking features that help improve safety on our roads. They are capable of monitoring a particular truck or car and guide the driver on the best possible routes and also warn them when over speeding.

EyeRide Online has one of the best automatic vehicle location device that helps keep track of your vehicle and also increase productivity and efficiency. The different types of technologies that have been tried and tested will help enhance road safety. Let’s have a look at some of the safety technologies meant to reduce road carnage and their function.

Tire-Pressure Monitor

Several accidents have come about as a result of tire busts or an imbalance. Several things may cause pressure loss on your tires. Temperature changes and dented rims are some of the reasons why your tires may lose pressure. The weight of luggage in your vehicle is another cause. The tire-pressure monitor will keep track on the changes in your tires and warn you.

Emergency Brake Assist

This type of technology is somehow different from the famous anti-lock system. It can detect when a driver makes a sudden stop. The emergency brake assist will help put in some extra pressure on the brakes to reduce the distance the driver intends to stop. Emergency brake assist is the best for collision mitigation.

Blind Spot Detection

Most accidents usually happen on blind spots, especially when the driver has little knowledge about that specific road. The blind spot detection technology warns the driver whenever they want to drive or park in that particular area. It can notify you by giving out different alerts like steering vibration. This technology is best for giving out collision warnings.

Rollover Mitigation

This is another technology meant to prevent a potential car rollover. We are familiar with preparation features like tightening of seatbelts and extension of roll bars. The rollover prevention system simply works by applying brakes to give you control whenever it senses a possible rollover. Rollovers may happen when you navigate a corner very fast or take that sharp swerve. When the brakes are applied, you will take full control of your car, therefore preventing the chances of rolling over. This type of sensor technology is best for accident prevention.