How the Windshield Is Different From Other Glass Present In the Car

Automobile designing can be very complicated and sure requires set of skills and expertise in the field. Glass is one of the most important parts of our cars and selecting the right glass is necessary for safety purposes. Mostly safety glass is used in most of the automobiles so as to reduce the risk of injuries when it breaks.

The glass of car’s windshield is laminated designed precisely to give high safety if there is a car crash. This glass is quite different from the rest of the glass that is used for windows or other parts in the car. Let us learn more about windshield glass of our car and how it is different.Image result for How the Windshield Is Different From Other Glass Present In the Car

Windshield Glass and Other Glasses

The windshield glass is laminated glass made from two pieces of glass that have a thin vinyl layer in between. All the three layers are stuck together using pressure and heat in an autoclave.

This triple layered glass offers top level security when something crashes the glass by only damaging the outer layer. Also in severe cases where the crash is too rough, the glass won’t shatter completely as the pieces will adhere to the vinyl lining.

On the other side, the rear and side windows of a car are made up of tempered glass. A tempered glass is manufactured by heating of glass at a high temperature followed by rapid cooling. Hence the glass that is produced is very strong then glass that is not tempered. In the case of a crash, the glass breaks into very small pieces that aren’t capable of injuring anyone.

Car Window Replacement: Benefits

If your car window is broken or damaged, you should waste no time in replacing it. Whether it is a takalasin vaihto or windshield replacement, a cracked glass will only get worse as the time goes by and will cost you more. Generally, when you don’t replace the broken glass, it starts to crumble. It can be very dangerous and risky do drive with a broken side window.

When it comes to the windshield, the crack can be even riskier than in a side window. In the case of heavy rain or hail, the pressure may force the glass to shatter and may injure the passengers. Therefore it is highly recommended that you should get your windshield checked and replaced as soon as possible.

Windshield Replacement

When you have made the decision of replacing your windshield, you need to have a good talk with your repairers. You can go with the original equipment manufactured windshield which will offer you the exact same appearance of the windshield your car used to have.

It will fit right into the frame of your car window and won’t allow any noise or leakage. These original manufactured windshields assure you same high and standard quality of the original windshield.

Though the glass of your car’s windshield is different from the rest of the window glass, it requires maintenance and proper care. In case it is broken, you should never delay and replace it immediately. Same goes for side or rear windows.

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