How to Check History of Used Vehicles for Free

If you are thinking of purchasing a used car, the first step to take it forward is getting a vehicle history report (VHR). A VHR is a documented statement that collects and displays all the necessary information about the ownership including the collision andrepair history, if any.

But if you want to verify all this information independently, you can easily obtain a free VHR with the help of the Internet, though the information that is made available for free is often limited. Here is a useful guide from the Overland Park used car dealer on how to overcome this small hurdle a thorough knowledge on know how to evaluate this abbreviated VHR can help you get a complete VHR for free.

How to Evaluate the type of History You Need

We have already discussed about the limitations of the information that is available for free. Sites that offer free Vehicle History Reports provide the basic information regarding a specific vehicle like the car’s make and the model, but in most cases, they do not specify the information on the VIN of the car. So here is a list of information that the Free reports generally provide:

  • The manufacturer detailslike the chassis, about the engine sizeand power, the country of its assembly,
  • The model and its trim level
  • A summary of the content that would be included in the full report that is available at a price.

Contents of a Complete VHR

A complete VHR will have separate sections about the following information:

  • vehicle history and report summary,
  • value calculator,
  • ownership history,
  • title history,
  • additional history,
  • detailed history.

Get Your Free Report Online

Even a few years back a full VHR could beobtained only for a price. But in December 2015, anonline website namely started offering a full VHR for free. The report from this Vehicle History site contains all the following information on a particular vehicle including its ownership records:

  • Detailed vehicle information
  • Detailed government records
  • Basic public records
  • Entire background history
  • Full state records

Run and Use a Free VHR Program

You can download free software that can obtain a complete VHR for you. Once you install that in your system, all you have to do is feeding in the required information in the concerned fields and run the software. While running a free VHR program, it will ask you to enter the VIN and a few more information of thecar, like a zip code or the state in which the car is registered, a license plate number. Once you are done with providing all the necessary information the next step would be accepting their terms and conditions, to access the next page where you would have options like “Submit” or “Run”. Click on the relevant button and the site would automatically start loading your complete free VHR. To know more about a VHR contact the used car dealer Overland Park.

Summing Up

To avoid falling into a fraudulent trap like purchasing a stolen vehicle, make sure to run the VIN of the particular vehicle in the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s database at