How to Keep your Ford Car Cool During Long Drive

It might be those hot summer days, and you got kilometres of distance to drive.  Apart from the discomfort that can run down the passengers and the driver, the car too might suffer a lot due to the heat waves. You need to take care of the people as well as an engine that can run too hot and can damage the vehicle. The effect in such cases would not be limited in the delay of reaching your destination but can reach out to threaten your safety.

But what could be the technical scenario behind this car overheating? Here are few answers selected as the main causes from many.

Causes of Car Overheating

The Marion Ford dealer explained that Cars these days of advanced automobile technology are meant to be temperature tolerant. So, if a car is becoming hot just because of the hot season, things aren’t that right inside the machine. This would be a direct indication that the cooling system of the car is malfunctioning. Again, the reasons behind such machinery condition can be many, and here are a few of them.


Every car today is supported with a cooling system to keep the engine cool. If the cooling system is damaged with a leak, a blockage or due to the malfunctioning of the pump, it would fail to circulate. So, the engine would accumulate temperature as it keeps running.


Another responsible component for cooling down the engine is the thermostat that regulates the amount of coolant to flow through the parts of the engine. A damaged thermostat can cause the overheating too.

Low Oil:

The oil of the car plays more important a role than lubricating the moving parts of the car alone. It removes the excess heat in the engine. If the level of the oil goes down, it will do a lesser job of cooling the engine.

Radiator Fan:

There is a cooling fan that has to run properly to save the engine from overheat. Electric motors run the fan, hence, any mechanical problem in the motor can again lead to overheating.

How to Keep the Car Cool

If any of the above said reasons cause an overheating issue in your ford car, you can follow these steps to keep the car temperature in control:

Check the temperature gauge

In the dashboard, there would be an indicator with a needle pointing toward the centre between cool and hot. If it bends more towards hot, it is time to give the engine some rest and allow the car some time to cool down.

Turn the floor vents on

As per the advices of the Marion Ford dealership, when hot air is on the rise, it is better to turn the direction of the air vents down to push the accumulated air out till it cools down.

Add engine coolant

Check the level of the coolant, by opening the hood of the coolant reservoir. If it shows too low, add some good quantity of coolant to cool down the engine. But it is advisable that one should never add the coolant when the engine is too hot but wait for some time for the engine to cool before pouring in the coolant.