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How To Know If Your Car Can Go on Long Trips

Road trips are one of the activities that many people often find themselves enjoying in and out of the country. If you are planning to go to Spain, you might want to book a car rental in Malaga, so you can go on your road trip more smoothly. However, you must remember to check if your rented car is in excellent condition. Otherwise, you might experience complications during your trip.

Here are some of the things that you need to check out before going out for a long drive:

#1 Inspect the Tires

Make sure to check the tires before leaving the car rental station. Your tires should have a good length on its tread before you take it for long trips. If you are not sure on how to measure the length of the tread, get a coin and put it in between the treads of the tire. Then, place the coin on an upside down position.

You will know that your tires will need replacement if the tread is more than 2/32 of the penny or 4/32 of the quarter.

Aside from the threads, make sure to check the tire pressure. The actual tire pressure should be equivalent to the tire pressure stated in the manual. If you don’t have the car manual, you can also check the tire pressure on the door jam of the driver’s seat.

#2 Check the Engine Oil

If you want the car to run smoothly, make sure to check the engine oil. The oil will keep the engine of the car in good condition. Aside from that, the engine oil allows drivers to save more on the mileage.  To check the engine oil, get a dipstick and stick it down into oil gauge. If the oil is below the required level, you need to add more oil.

Check the color of the oil as well. Its color should be either black or brown. But if the oil has a milky or white appearance, it means that the coolant is leaking into the car’s engine. If this happens, make sure to ask for another car or have it checked by a mechanic before riding the car.

#3 Test the Car

Lastly, make sure to do a driving test before going on your road trip in a foreign country. Don’t assume that it’s in good condition. You can do a quick drive around the local streets. Be vigilant to noises and shakes of the car. Make sure to check the brake system if it is working well.

When test driving the car, make sure that you focus on the unusual sounds. In that way, you can have the mechanic check the car out before leaving on your planned activity.

Final Thoughts

Road Trips are indeed one of the best activities you can do when you want to travel. However, make sure to check your car before going to one. In that way, you will not be stuck with car-related problems when you should be enjoying your trip.