How To Ship a Car

Transporting your car, truck, or van is easy with Andrew Auto Transport.

You will then receive instant rates that you can choose to book. Things such as price, time frame and service level are important to note when comparing potential transporters.
Whether you book instantly or call to speak to one of their representatives it is completely FREE. If you’re curious about what it costs to ship a car, truck, or van you can visit

You also want to know what type of shipping service your vehicle will need. Shipping a used car via open transport may be the easiest/cheapest option but you certainly wouldn’t want to ship your vintage Ferrari that way. An enclosed trailer is a good option to consider for high value vehicles that you don’t want exposed to the elements. Remember most car shippers are brokers, they are middlemen between you and the auto transport driver. They are in place to check insurance and background of car carriers operators. Value this service highly as some of us who did not use a broker ended up with major headaches trying to get insurance info and good pricing.