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How to Tint Tail Lights of a Car and Add a Tinge of Personalization?

A car is a creation of engineering, science and design all put into one to create a perfect blend of awesome. Many people feel that a car is not just a means of transportation, and far more than that. A car is a reflection of one’s personality – the way you keep your car defines you!

It is not just taking care of your car, but also personalizing it to your own whims and fancies. One of those many ways of personalization is getting your tail lights tinted.

Some people believe that any kind of modification, even if it is just getting the tail lights tinted, should be done by professionals. As it is possible that a newbie or a rookie might do more damage than good. But many people feel that personalization is a very subjective thing and can be done privately in their own home garage as well.

For the people looking for professionals like, the steps given below might be more of a list for inspection for professional tinting your car’s taillights. But for DIY lovers, all they need is to follow these simple instructions and purchase some materials from the hardware store and your work is done.

There are two ways of getting the job done:

  1. Applying Tint using Film Tint: If you choose this option you would need, a vinyl film tint, hair dryer, water and alcohol in spray bottle, a credit card and a microfiber towel.
  • Choose a film tint of your choice.
  • Use alcohol solution to clean the taillight.
  • If not already cut, cut the tint to size.
  • Remove the protective sheet from the tint.
  • Apply to taillight.
  • Use credit card to smoothen the surface by removing air bubbles.
  • Remove any excess film.
  • Fix from the edges.
  1. Applying Spray Tint: If you prefer spray tint then you need, spray tint, sandpaper, clear coat, screwdriver, rubbing and polishing compound, and wax and microfiber towel.
  • Remove tail lights from car.
  • Sand them.
  • Place tape on any areas that are not to be sprayed.
  • Apply the tint.
  • Apply clear coat.
  • Sand again.
  • Apply rubbing compound.
  • Wax and polish lights.
  • Replace them.

These steps do seem simple but could end up making your tail lights look disastrous if not executed correctly. If you are unsure at any level that you might wreck them up, I would suggest you opt for only. They would do all the hard work and you just need to choose the tint color.