Joseph Otto Horace: A car entrepreneur and a philanthropist in one body

In this article we will discuss about Joseph Otto Horace, a generous car entrepreneur who died in September 2017. He is very famous in Santa Fe and he earned his big name in the city. He was the owner of most car dealers in Santa Fe, and not only spent most of his activities with new and used car dealership, Horace was also an artist and community activist. He was very active and was one of the pioneers and active members of the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce and the United States Scouts.

According to his daughter, Horace was deeply in love with Santa Fe even though the benefactor was not born in the city. For information, Horace was born in Oak Park, Illinois and just moved to Santa Fe at age 54. Her daughter said that her father actually embraced Santa Fe even when just coming from Illinois.

Rosemary Horace is the wife of the philanthropic car businessman and she also said that Horace was someone with many talents. He was even a former army and ski athlete at the university level. At the age of 75 or 13 years ago, Horace climbed Colorado’s highest peak and glided down! Something hard to imagine and do by most people. In short, Horace was a powerful businessman, adventurer, and also a generous philanthropist.

This great man left many memories, not only for his family or his closest friends; he also left many memories for the people of Santa Fe as a whole. One of them is Carlos Abeyta. This old man was a former technician at Dodge-Chrysler in the 1980s. He recalled that at the time many people were doubting Horace’s decision to take over the company due to the assumption that Chicago transplants don’t fully fit into Santa Fe, but soon neither of them became enemies. He also gave inspiration for Cambridge Ontario used car dealerships in the past.

Horace really made a big leap in his first week in Santa Fe and as time went on, this great entrepreneur increased the number of dealers and however successful his business division, Horace continued to treat his employees well and also to give social funds to the Santa Fe community. He was truly a car entrepreneur and a philanthropist in one body!