Parts Avatar Canada would help you learn how to tow a Trailer

Are you planning to borrow your friend’s boat for a weekend so that you can spend some time at the lake? This is a great idea until you realize that you will have to drive it to the location. It doesn’t matter what you are hooking up to your car, it can be anything like a vehicle, or some other trailer to your car. It is really important to learn all the specifications as well as techniques as it would make your task a lot easier.

Hitching Your Trailer

  1. Make sure that your vehicle is rated for towing up the load.

Before you start, make sure that you have determined the weight limits from your car’s owner manual and then you will come to know the appropriate hitch which can be installed. The weight should be specified by the manufacturer and it would be surely mentioned in the owner’s manual. If it is not mentioned in the manual, then you can always check it online or at some auto shop.

  1. Get the appropriate class of hitch

You should get a hitch receiver installed that can be used for different size trailer hitches. There is a removable draw bar with these receivers which is used to install different sized hitches for different amount of loads.

  1. Get the correct sized ball for the trailer

The larger the size of ball, the more amount of weight it can carry. Generally there are three sizes available in the ball of the hitch.

  1. Attach the trailer to the vehicle

The trailer is raised up with the help of a tongue jack and you can align it with the ball. Carefully cross the safety chains to the hooks which would be near the vehicle hitch or the vehicle frame. Raise the tongue off the ball with the help of a tongue jack.

  1. Attach the lights with wiring harness.

The lights can be hooked up easily as there is a simple colour coded connection. Once the lights have been completely hooked up, then you must do a complete brake check to ensure that everything is working properly.

  1. Secure the load

It totally depends up the load which you are hauling and you should use a tarp to secure the loose objects which are in the boats as you would be totally responsible for anything which would fly out and ultimately cause damage. Make sure that the height of the hitch is set correctly.


  1. Get familiar with the clearance

Before you start hitting the road, you must get out your measuring tape. If you are towing a trailer for the first time, then it would be a great idea to do some practice in a big empty parking lot before you actually take it out on the road. Get familiar with your vehicle as much as you can.

  1. Accelerate and brake slowly

You will have to compensate for the extra amount of weight when you are slowing down or are driving on the inclines. Just be cautious and play it safely. Pay full attention when you are changing lanes or parking.

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