Preparing Your Car For A Long Trip With A Mechanic’s Safety Inspection

If you are planning a road trip or you need to travel any distance, making sure that your car is up to the task is one of the most important things that you can do. The last thing you want is to get a couple of hours away from home and have the engine or drive train fail.

Call a mechanic in your local area to give your car a full safety inspection. During the process, he or she will probably change the oil and filter. This will help to ensure that the engine gets the lubrication that it needs to prevent any thermal or friction damage.

Along with the oil, the mechanic will also need to evaluate the condition of the coolant in the radiator. He or she will check the level to be sure that there is enough coolant in the system, and will make sure that it is not deteriorating. Coolant should not smell fishy, nor should it show any indications of debris floating inside.

Have the mechanic check the condition of the front suspension and drive train. Look at the condition of the tires, the universal joints and brake pads. Make sure that all of the wearable parts are in good condition, and even ask about testing the battery for peace of mind.

Keep Your Car Cool With Preventative Maintenance

All vehicle owners need a well-maintained air conditioning system in their car to remain comfortable during a long trip. Experts do not recommenced, however, that you attempt to perform key maintenance tasks on your car’s air conditioner yourself.

The system contains dangerous refrigerants such as Freon, so have a processional look at your system regularly. Preventative maintenance by a local car service will keep your system operating efficiently even when the temperatures rise to their hottest levels.

One of the key components in your air conditioning system is the receiver dryer. This part collects certain toxic acids that are produced by your system as it cools the vehicle. The acids in the receiver dryer build up over time.

The effectiveness of the receiver dryer will decrease as it collects more and more of these acids. To avoid any malfunctions in your system, you should have a technician service your receiver dryer about every two years. This will prevent the acid from damaging other components in your automobile.

Koby Mckeddie from Cash For Cars Perth said “One preventative maintenance task that car owners can perform themselves involves turning on their automobile’s air conditioner for a few minutes every week during the winter. This will lengthen the lifespan of your system and enjoy your long trip on a hot weather.”

Why Bull Bars Are Useful For A long Trip

You might have seen them on other cars, large trucks, and semis traveling in rural areas. They can range in size and shape, with some looking more generic while others more elaborate and custom made. Regardless, custom bull bars can be a way to ensure the safety of you and your passengers from wild animals by making the vehicle more protected.

In Australia, the most common animal collision people experience is with kangaroos. There are also dogs and cattle in rural areas and farmland that can do more than just damage a vehicle–they can put anyone in a vehicle in danger as well. Custom bull bars is a device specifically designed to protect the car from extensive damage and the people inside it. The material it is made from can be steel, aluminum, polycarbonate, and polyethylene. The differences in make and design depends on the type of car it is attached to and the car owner’s personal preference.

Larger vehicles, such as semis and work trucks, will have larger bull bars than cars and small SUVs. This is not only because of their size but also due to what they are used for. Semis are used to transport items all over the country, so they need a stronger and larger attachment. Work trucks are more often used for places like farms, where cattle can be a problem.

Smaller vehicles can have them as well. These are often called nudge bars because they are not as large.

Any bull bar can be custom made, and accessories such as lights or radio antennas can be added to them as well. This gives an automobile owner the freedom to choose what fits best.