Remove Grease From The Rims By Degreasing

The cleaning or degreasing process is very important for an immaculate finish after powder coating. This process needs to be done on the rims irrespective of whether they are new or old. In fact even before the start of the cleaning process, the make of the rims need to be checked since certain metals are sensitive to certain cleaners and tend to get corroded.

The cleaning and degreasing process of the rims require the following steps to be followed.

  • Pressure wash: Using water under pressure for cleaning tends to remove loose debris of dust, grime and grease with ease. The pressure wash is infinitely more effective than manual scrubbing and the rim actually feels clean to touch after tis.
  • Soaking: The rim then needs to be sprayed with the cleaner so that it almost completely gets soaked in it. The choice of the cleaner is the most important thing to consider here especially if the rims are made up of aluminium alloys since cleaners which are not conducive to aluminium can harm the rims on a microscopic level. Steel and Iron can be cleaned with a general degreaser.
  • Scrubbing: This process is done using nylon brushes of several sizes so that even the bolt holes can be gives a good scrub before powder coating the rims.
  • Repeating the process: After pressure washing the rims after giving it a good scrub, the whole procedure needs to be repeated again.
  • Outgassing: This is the most important step which will enable the complete removal of all the grease and oils present on the rims. Thus the whole part is put in an oven and baked at a very high temperature. This helps to convert the oils and grease present into gas so that they can escape as fumes thereby ridding the rim of their presence. Since most metals used to make the rims tend to be porous, it can soak in the grease and oils over a period of time. Hence this process of outgassing will completely remove the same, thus making the rim almost ready for coating with a powder.

After the rim has been thoroughly cleaned, scrubbed and outgassed, almost all the grease and oils get removed from the rims thereby enabling the powder to adhere properly to the rim and give it a beautiful finish.