Repair Your Windshield Before You Have To Replace It

Replacing your car’s windshield can be very expensive.  While it is tough to know precisely how it would cost to replace a particular vehicle’s windshield at any given time, the average is typically between $250 and $300 USD, including parts and labor. That said, some windshield experts might suggest that the range is actually between $175 and $1,000.  

Bearing all that in mind, if you are trying to budget for a Auto Glass Experts windshield replacement job, it might be more reasonable to expect around $300 to $400 (USD).  

THE LONG AND SHORT (old and new)

Essentially, it is cheaper to replace the windshield of an older car.  For most cars manufactured before 2008, it should cost around $200 to replace the windshield.  That is give or take, of course.  Cars made after 2008, however, typically have higher windshield replacement costs.  This  has to do with modernized safety standards and the fact that an aftermarket windshield can often cost much less than OEM windshield.  That is because aftermarket glass makers do not have contracts with dealers, so they can alter the features—thickness, tint level, etc—to lower the price.

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If that still sounds a little out of your price range then keep in mind, next time, that many insurance companies will cover the cost of windshield repair, if the repair is very small.  Much like it is easier and less expensive to use a strategy of preventive care for your health, the same is true for your car.  If you eat healthy and get a little exercise and take measure of additional care that you need, you can often avoid much bigger—and more costly—hospital visits in regards to your health.

Similarly, if you drive safely and courteously you can avoid much of the damage to your car’s engine, suspension, transmission, and other parts—and that includes glass.  However, you can’t always avoid a chip in your windshield or a minor crack. And if you do find one, you should try to get that taken care of as soon as possible. Again most insurance companies will cover the cost of a chip, scratch, or a crack as long is it is not any bigger than the size of a US quarter.  And even if you did have to pay for it, it would probably be no more than $50 USD.   

That is far better than overlooking the small blemish and having to replace the whole windshield later at five times the cost.