Roadmap to buying a used car in India

Undeniably, buying a used car has its perks, but it isn’t as easy as you would like. You will need to be very careful every step of the way. If you are not careful, you could easily end up with a rebuilt car or a piece of junk that isn’t worth a single rupee. But if you buy smart you could end up with a really good car at a bargain price.

Find the perfect car

Do you have a dream car that you must buy, even if its second hand, or are you more interested in buying a car that’s cheap and functional. Whatever it is you want, you will find it in India’s ever expanding used car market. However, you may need to be patient and put in a lot of hard work looking for the right car. It will help if you have the basics like, price, age, odometer reading settled already. But remember that you will probably have to compromise at least on some things, so better decide which features you can do without when you are buying a certified used honda city in Bangalore.

Investigate the car you want to buy

Don’t be in a hurry while buying a used car, no matter how good a car looks, there will probably be one better. If you are in a hurry, you will probably overlook key issues that will create problems later. Take your time investigating the car. First of all take it on an extended test drive, this will help you get a feel for the car and identify the obvious problems if there are any. Then ask the seller for paperwork about ownership, maintenance chart and the engineer’s report if it’s a certified pre owned car. Spend some extra money to get the car checked by a mechanic you know.