Should You Trade-In, Scrap, or Donate Your Old Car in Newcastle?

When it comes to a damaged, scrap, or wrecked car you want the best price and the easiest way to dispose of the car. Tip Top Cash For Cars in Newcastle offers the following information on scrapping the car, trading it in, or donating it.

Trading in Your Car

Trading in your car can mean lots of headaches during hours of negotiating and a low price for the car. Dealers typically will offer something for a damaged car, but the something is so low that often it is insulting. When you trade in a car, you are selling the car to the dealer. The dealer will make an offer for the car that is lower than the actual value.

Selling Your Car Privately

Typically, when you sell your car privately, you have to repair the car before you place it up for sale. Selling the car privately can be costly, and time-consuming. You have repairs to make, potential buyers to meet with, and advertising costs. You will also be responsible for all legal paperwork.

Selling Your Car to a Removal Company in Newcastle

When you sell your car to a removal company, you have the easiest way to get rid of your damaged car all while getting cash for the car. A removal company like Tip Top Cash For Cars comes to your location anywhere in Newcastle to remove the car for free. At the time we arrive to remove the car, we will provide all the necessary paperwork for a legal sell and put our cash quote amount offered over the phone or through our web page in your hand. The process is simple and could leave you with as much as $6000 to count. We are a removal company that guarantees to buy your car.  

How It Works 

When you have a damaged car to sell and would like to sell the car to Tip Top Cash For Cars, the process works like this: 

  1. Give us a call with the make, model, year, and a complete description of the car. A quote can also be obtained through our web page. 
  2. Accept or reject our cash quote. 
  3. Schedule a free removal. 

Typically, we can schedule a car removal the same day an owner accepts our cash offer, making cash payment on the spot! 

For more information or to get a cash quote for your damaged, scrap or wrecked car call us at 0487 002 222.