Temporary Car Insurance Policies: The Pros and Cons of It

You cannot drive a car without being properly insured. If you rent a car for a day or even just a few hours, you cannot do that without the car being covered by an insurance policy. But if at the end of the day you return the car to its rightful owner, you have no need for an elaborate policy that covers you at least a month or two. Fortunately, there are some insurance companies, such as Insure4aday, that offer temporary car insurance policies. But maybe you never heard of such a cover and want to know a bit more before you decide to take out such an insurance policy. Therefore, we would like to tell you how such an insurance policy works and what the pros and cons of such a cover are.

How Does a Short Term Car Insurance Work?


Temporary car insurance, or short term car insurance, is insurance for just one or a few days. Such an insurance company can help you when you need a car for a short period. Maybe you need to drive someone else’s car or motor to get to an appointment on the other side of the country. In that case, a temporary car insurance can help you out. They offer covers with a duration varying from 28 days. So you can take out a cover for a day, midweek, weekend, week or month. You will only pay a premium for the period the car or motor is in your possession. The policies are available for drivers aged 25-75.

What Does a Temporary Car Insurance Cover?


Included in the policy are situations such as indemnity cover, third-party insurance etc. But you can also choose to add loss etc. The policy will also include emergency treatment. So if something happens to you or your vehicle, they will cover the financial aspect of the situation. That means you won’t get into any financial trouble.

Accidents and Breakdowns


If something happens to you or the vehicle, you can make a claim. Often, you can visit the company’s website and make the claim online. They will pay you once the claim is accepted.

Are There Also Downsides?


One of the things you need to realise when you take out a short term cover is the fact that they only cover two accidents or claims. So if your car breaks down and you get into an accident in the same week, you cannot make a third claim. They also won’t cover drivers and other people that are employed as couriers. So if you’re working in a parcel or fast-food delivery service, they won’t accept you if you want to use your car for that particular purpose. And they won’t cover you if you’re unemployed.

So what do you think? Could a temporary car insurance help you out when you need a car for a short period of time? Hopefully we have given you at least some idea of what to expect from a short term vehicle insurance policy.