The most asked questions on car covers and their usage

Car covers are an integral part of having an automobile in the first place. They help to sort out a lot of issues related to cars, like protecting them from natural elements like the sun, rain, etc. but there are a lot of other things you might have missed out on, about car covers, which we will address here in this article.

Vehicles getting stolen

Might seem ludicrous, but car covers do help you protect your car from getting stolen by thieves. How, you ask? It’s a very simple logic. Thieves want to get into your car, start the engine, and drive off with it as fast as possible. But when you have your car covered, due to the alarms that most cars come with nowadays, a thief has lesser time to run away with a car than usual because he/she has to remove the cover as well. So it’s always better to have your car protected by a cover.

Ways of installing a car cover

A lot of people keep asking whether there is a correct way of installing a car cover. Well, that is not really a difficult feat to master. The best technique to ensure that your car is covered end-to-end is to cover the front and rear ends of the car in the end. This way, you ensure that every corner of your car is covered and protected.

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Best way to fold a cover

Folding a car cover may seem like a lot of work, and rightly so. Since cars are usually huge in size, their covers are also similarly huge and hard to fold. But a little bit of technique, and folding will look like child’s play to you. All you need to do is start folding each side of the cover up onto the roof, then refold it as necessary, and finally, starting out with the front, fold the cover towards the back. This way, it is easy to reverse the process whenever required.

Keeping your car cool while covered

A lot of people have this doubt about how to keep the car from becoming an internal furnace when covered. One of the most obvious solutions to this problem is to park your car in a shady area, like under a tree for example, and then cover it; the cover will protect your car from bird droppings, and the shade from the tree will keep your car cool. But another thing that you can do in order to ensure that your car remains cool even when covered is keep the windows lowered by about two inches, and then cover it. This way, there is a tiny scope of ventilation in your car, and hot air doesn’t get enough time or space to get trapped, keeping your car cool.

UVR Inhibitors

Most people may not know this, but continuous exposure to the sun can lead to rapid degradation of your car cover. The UV rays of the sun spoils the fabric of your car cover, and thus, they need to be taken care of. This is why to slow down the degradation process, the chemicals called UVR or Ultra Violet Ray inhibitors are added to the car cover fabric. These UVR inhibitors have no smell or color, and are usually added while your car cover fabric is in the making. Therefore, it is best if you buy your car covers from a reputable store.