The NV4500 Transmission, Information, Installations and Reviews

The NV4500 transmission is considered to be the hardest 5-speed manual transmission ever made. Powerful and dependable, this 5-speed transmission was featured in pickup trucks (up to 1 Ton) and is a well known replacement in more advance trucks with 4 speeds. It is likewise a well known substitution for 5 speed transmissions featured in other 1-ton trucks. Furthemore, it is also the most well known 5-speed transmission to be utilized in powering up heavy duty Jeeps, Broncos and other short wheelbase rough terrain vehicles.

  • Heavy duty top stacking
  • Fully synchronized
  • Cast press case
  • Aluminum top cover
  • Dual PTO ports
  • All helical riggings
  • Fifth planned overdrive for good gas mileage

The NV4500 transmission has a case length of only 12.37″, making it the ideal transmission switch for short wheel base vehicles.

The NV4500 transmission can be adjusted for any application. It’s usually less costly to switch to NV4500 into a Jeep compared to reproducing the dangerous industrial function Jeep transmission. Additionally, switching is simple when you take a dodge adaptation of the NV4500 transmission, since all that you’ll need is a ringer lodging connector plate. Also, in Dana 300 applications the Dodge adaptation is ideal, considering the fact that the connector requires a Dodge yield shaft and uses a stock Dodge 4×4 tail lodging. The stock 23-spline input design for the Dana 300  jeep is secured, and the tail lodging jolts directly to the mounting front of the Dana 300 transfer case.


NV4500: General Info:

In 1992,  Dodge and General Motors trucks began getting displayed in showrooms with an edge over the most flexible transmissions ever to be offered for a manufactured truck: the New Venture Gear 4500. General Motors applications feature it as an option in 3/4 and 1-ton full size trucks. Standard duty units come in trucks with 5.2 and 5.9 liter motors, while Dodge HD adaptations are used together with Cummins diesels and V10’s.

This transmission is a completely synchronized five-speed gearbox with the most of the quality and low-equip advantages (to say the least) of the more established four-speeds. The cast press case is joined with extra large apparatus sets in a relatively minimized 200lb bundle.

The New Venture Gear 4500, a 5-speed manual transmission produced by New Venture Gear, and was utilized in General Motors and Chrysler vehicles from 1992-2007. The NV4500 became famous as a 5-speed manual transformation and redesign transmission in light trucks and SUVs e.g Dodge, Jeep, General Motors, Ford and Toyota.

Then discontinued

When it was discontinued, many praised its advantages, especially the high overdrive. However others have criticized its low apparatus as not being low enough for rough terrain usage.

The NV4500 was first utilized by Dodge in 1992. There were numerous upgrades made throughout the production of NV4500; two key varieties were the NV4500LD, which was utilized with Dodge V8s and GM gas and diesel motors, and the NV4500HD, which was utilized in Dodge trucks fueled by the Cummins diesel and V10 gas motors. The HD (Heavy Duty) version was revealed in 1994.