Things to Look for while Buying a Car Lift

A vehicle lift is the one of the main components of most of the repair and service stations. The car lifts also acts as great solution for those who need to expand the storage capacity of their garage. A car lift usually raises one vehicle from the ground and allows another to be parked under it.  Hence, the popularity of car lifts is growing increasingly not only in the commercial sector in the service stations but also amongst the commoners who are facing shortage in the storage capacity. Other reasons behind the popularity of these car lifts are they extremely safe, easy to use and can hold weight up to a significant level.

The different types

Before you find the perfect car lift that will meet your requirements, you have to spend some time in understanding the different types of it.

  • Electric or Hydraulic Car Lifts – These car lifts use a special pump to compress and force a fluid through the cylinders. This gives it power and adds to the safety factor too.
  • Car Parking Lifts – These are available in different styles and are suitable for storing one vehicle over another.
  • In-Ground or Pit Automotive Lifts – These lifts are usually electric or hydraulic powered that can handle large amount of weight and can be operated conveniently.
  • Portable Automotive Lifts – This portable version is easy to set up, hassle-free and easy to move. It is just ideal for trade shows and shops that seek to keep the bays free.
  • Air Powered Lifts – It is a smaller version used for handling motorcycles or lighter cars. These lifts use air pressure from a compressor to raise and lower the dais.

Benefits you get

Car lifts nowadays are becoming high-tech and are easier to maintain. Some of the benefits you get to avail are:

  • Save on your car repairing cost – If you have some mechanical knowledge and the ability to fix small faults of your car then a car lift can prove to be really useful. You don’t need to hand over your car to some other mechanic and also save on the unnecessary expenditure in here. Now you can easily inspect your car and fix some things on your own like, replacing lubricants, tire and other mechanical necessities with great ease.

  • Save space – A four-post car lift is possibly the cheapest and most effective way of doubling the space in your garage. So, why waste money in expanding your garage horizontally when you can optimize the vertical space?

  • Safety – A car lift can be used as an alternative measure against unsafe service practices. Old shops repairing cars normally use pits or single-post lifts which can be extremely unsafe. But with the invention of car lifts, your cars are handled with care.

Tips on buying

When you are all set to find the perfect car lift for yourself, there are several things that you should consider like the manufacturer, the quality aspect, the cylinders used, safety measures and the price. To get one, you can check the online stores where you can get the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. Moreover you can browse through and select from a range of products from their catalogue at your leisure. These online stores also offer free shipping facilities for your convenience.