Three Tips to Increase Your Diesel Fuel Mileage

If you own and operate a diesel truck, you know that one of your biggest expenses is fuel. Improving your fuel mileage is one of the best things you can do to operate profitably. Here’s three tips to help you do that.

Stay Pure

Diesel fuel can get water, air, and other contaminants into the mix. It’s important to provide your engine the cleanest, most air-free fuel you can deliver. Only buy fuel from quality sources, and use a FASS (Fuel Air Separation System). A FASS will not only improve your fuel mileage, it will improve lubricity and extend the life of fuel injectors and other system components. A FASS works by taking fuel through a water separator stage, a pressurizer, and a secondary fuel filter to remove air, dirt and other matter. The filter traps the contaminants, and the air goes back to the tank.

Be Smooth

Truck aerodynamics are so important that NASA has researched the topic. Recent innovations like fairings, skirts, and tail devices have significantly increased a big truck’s ability to smoothly slip through the airstream and burn less fuel while doing it. You’ve probably seen these devices on van trailers in particular – it’s time to make the investment.

Go Slow

Government studies have shown a 1.5 percent savings in fuel for every mile per hour you reduce in speed on the highway. It’s one of the most significant factors in fuel economy. Many fleet operators restrict speeds to 65 miles per hour, even where the speed limit is higher. This can also lead to safer operating and less wear on your brakes.

Diesel trucks are capable of operating at much higher efficiency today than they were decades ago. You can save money on fuel, repairs, and be safer while doing it. Consider making these investments to get there.