Tips for Buying Used Mercedes-Benz

Are you on the verge of finding a car? I have decided to compile a few facts that will keep from purchasing a money pit machine, which you may live to regret. We are not an affiliate of Mercedes-Benz. The information here is solid advice to our esteemed readers



Getting the right second hand Benz that will give you service for the longest period thereafter takes time and research. There is nothing as expensive as a cheap Mercedes-Benz, trust me! Even if the seller wants to give the car off at a throwaway price, you had better think twice before signing anything. The tips below may be an excellent guide in your research.

The age of the car

Should I buy a 5, 10 or 15-year-old Benz? The general rule of thumb is, the younger the car, the better. Luxury cars tend to depreciate at a faster rate than economy vehicles. That’s the reason why the initial purchase price of a second hand Mercedes-Benz is not your primary focus especially on today’s cars.

Back then in the 80’s and 90’s, it was thought that Mercedes cars were trouble free. Well, that was true in a way, but with some parts only. For instance, certain models possess engines and transmissions that could run “forever,” while others hardly go on for 6 months without a breakdown. So knowing the vehicle’s history is important.

Car History Report


Running a car history report helps you know if the vehicle was in any accidents. You also get to know the number of persons who owned it before, as well as the maintenance record, if any. Reports show mileage, flood and the salvage history. Another important point is that it will reveal if the car was a lemon, or in other words a manufacturer buyback. Caution; don’t buy a lemon.

Also, ensure you are running history reports of the exact car you want to buy. Verify the VIN number on the vehicle’s title and the VIN on the chassis of the car. The good thing is that you can always run car history reports online, and at a small fee as low as $3 per search. Reports tell you much about the car including:

  • Frame Damage
  • Whether it was a rental or lease car
  • Accidents
  • The reported history of maintenance
  • Title History as in, Restored Salvage, Rebuild, Flood or Clear

The essence of running history report is to find out if there are major title issues. However, keep in that some problems can be missed, that’s why you need several other tips such as the below.

Scan the Mercedes-Benz for Error Codes 

Perform a complete system scan on the car you want to ride. You can use a Launch Creader VIII or iCarsoft MB II. Inquire with the seller whether you can plug this into the OBD II port to check the systems in the Mercedes and see whether there are invisible issues or malfunctions.

iCarsoft is capable of reading fault codes and bring them to surface for your interpretation. While on the other hand, the Launch Creader reads the main systems such as the engine, ABS, the transmission, airbag, and ETS.

Get a Pre-purchase Inspection

Concerning the type of Mercedes-Benz you want, whether it’s a C-Class, E-Class, GL-Class, CLK-Class or whatever, that will depend on what you want in the car. In terms of its fuel consumption, speed, the level of luxury, cost and so on. The most important thing is a pre-purchase inspection to ascertain the condition of the machine. An honest seller will not have any problem with you bringing in an auto repair expert that inspects cars.

It is wise that you select the repair shop that will do the inspection rather than leaving the task to your seller, because he or she may cover up some costly problems. If the area is new to you, find an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer or a mechanic that specializes in European cars to do the work. Yes, you will have to pay the inspection fee, but it is worth it. Nonetheless, remember to ask the inspector to give you quotes on the items that need fixing.

Of cause, you don’t expect the car to be flawless because it’s not new. Issues will present but use them to make an informed decision to avoid being screwed.

Buying a used Mercedes-Benz has some pros and cons we may not like to assume. Therefore, check below.


Ride and Comfort

Mercedes-Benz cars never cease in providing comfortable, luxurious and safe ride even in old age. Top on the list of cars that offer these benefits include the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and E-Class.

Generally, all Mercedes are built to impress, that’s why an old Benz is much comfortable in the ride over other brands. Of cause, that’s in my opinion, but I vouch you will affirm this when you ride a Benz.

Built Quality and Features

From the chassis, the transmission, engine and the interior of a Mercedes-Benz, the manufacturers seem to have prioritized the use of prime materials. In addition, the car has more futures and options compared to other used brands.

Depreciation Rate

Most luxury cars hit superbly during their first 5 years after release. After that, a used Benz depreciates at almost the same rate with other brands, meaning its deterioration rate is a bit slower.


High Maintenance Cost and Fuel Economy

The maintenance cost of a used Mercedes-Benz is definitely higher than that of a non-luxurious car brand. Besides that, be prepared to spend more on gasoline because Mercedes-Benz cars are fuel guzzlers.

No Warranty

In most cases, second-hand cars are sold after the manufacturer’s warranty is expired. You will not get any warranty from a private seller, but you can ask for the warranty if an authorized dealer is the one selling the car.

With this information at your fingertips, you can be sure of closing the deal with the best Mercedes-Benz in your possession.