Tips to select a good mechanical workshop

Are you going to take your car to the mechanic? There is the agency. We already know that sometimes they are expensive, but you are sure that they will not charge you undue, they will only place original parts and your car will be safe. However, suppose you are far from your city, and do not know anyone. It is for those cases that we offer you these tips to select a mechanical workshop. Anyway, if you need an instant help you can visit

It’s good to be in a hurry, but if the workshop does not have a painted facade, with clear indications about the type of work carried out there, it does not have a cement floor, any other material that provides firmness, nor does the interior project a good image. It seems more the mouth of a wolf than a workshop, well, these elements should make you distrust the mechanical “master”.

Is it neat and clean?

This is essential, if there is more than one car under repair, they must be neat and clean. Cobwebs and a layer of dust the thickness of a bible may indicate neglect of the workshop owner.

Take care that you have the necessary adjustments:

Are the work and warehouse areas defined? A good workshop has delimited the work areas and separated from the area where the spare parts and tools are stored.

The staff:

Actually we are talking about the people who work in the workshop. It is not that we should say that all mechanics must wear dresses, but they should wear clothes that are adequate for their work.

Do not trust those mechanics who walk without a shirt or T-shirt, showing off their voluminous bellies as if it were a laundry room abdomen. Also and very important, everyone should be courteous and treat you kindly.