Top Cash 4 Cars Advises to Replace Headlight Bulbs in Pairs

While only one headlight bulb may be out, replacing both of them at the same time will mean balanced headlight beams. Never consider changing just one of the bulbs as a result could be an unbalanced or unpredictable headlight beam that could lead to dangerous safety risk. When behind the wheel the road may not have the proper lighting, and this could make driving conditions hazardous. From the oncoming driver’s perspective, an uneven headlight beam can make conditions hazardous as the car is harder to see and position on the road.
When headlight bulbs get old, they begin to fade before they burn out. It is always best to replace aging bulbs as the light output is not nearly as sufficient as a newer bulb. With dim light, the driver’s visibility at night is reduced. For instance, replacing a headlight bulb immediately means about a 240-foot beam as compared to the current bulb that is three years old and projects only a 16- foot beam.
For car owners that have one bulb to replace, think safety and replace both of the bulbs for a safer drive.
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