What Are Stock Cars?

Stock cars are often confused with old smashed-up racing motors. When actually, they’re simply just new cars that have already been built and are ‘in stock’ – hence the name ‘stock cars’. Numerous car dealers will have their own stock of these that can be delivered much faster than a conventional factory order.

A New Factory Order Car vs Stock Car

Believe it or not, there’s a big difference between the two types. A factory order car is a vehicle that is built perfectly to your personal specification – you pick the engine, the colour, the gearbox and all the other optional extras too. Once all the details and specifications have been collected and put through, the order is then wired to the factory that will then start to build the car you asked for – this can take as long as eight months or as little as four weeks, or even longer if the car is a particularly popular model.

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While stock cars are already made, there’s no option for any finishing touches and personal specifications, so you’d have to settle for the one available. Usually, if you want a new car, a dealer might propose the idea of buying one from stock to speed the process up a little bit – more so to get you on the road without any issues or complaints about the car, However, the car might not be sitting on the dealer’s forecourt, even if it’s a stock car, there’s a possibility that it’s sitting on a foreign port somewhere, but either way you get it much sooner than you would with factory orders. The only unfortunate thing about stock cars is that, of course, they’re not built to your personal preferences or specifications

Will I Save Money Buying a Stock Car?

“Perhaps this is one of the most obvious answers ever, but of course, buying a stock car instead of a factory order vehicle is bound to save you a little cash”, Richard Kemp of CVS Vans. “Since you would have to cope with the manufacturer’s standard design and specifications, maybe it’s a shame you can’t make the changes and still have the car delivered within the same amount of time. But, unfortunately, that’s just not how stock cars work. If you want the car to match your exact specifications and preferences, then you would have to cough up the extra cash and pay for them – and of course, wait much longer for it to be delivered straight to you. Nonetheless, buying a stock car over a factory order one means you’ll have a little extra to pocket at the end of the purchase – which we could argue for better or worse.