What Do Coilovers Do and How They Can Improve Your Cars performance

There are different parts of a car too numerous to mention but of subtle and undeniable importance are the coilovers. Coilovers are basically strong springs that have been made into coils by the manufacturers of the car. These springs can compress and retract depending on the weight your car exerts on its four wheels where these springs can be found. Thereby making springs essential parts of a car. Whenever a vehicle goes over a porthole, speed breaks or shocks of any kind, it is these springs that help the vehicle go through these shocks. The term coilovers came about as regards these coiled springs that help a car go over shocks.

However, coilovers are more than just springs that compress and retract to absorb shocks, coilovers are automobile suspension devices. They are vehicle parts which enable us to adjust various settings in our automobiles such as the height of the car, dumping, rebound and so on.

Coilovers also serve important functions like lowering the gravity of the vehicle to reduce weight transfer while the vehicle is going through turns at high speed. Apart from your tires, coilovers are the other important part of your automobile that makes car handling very easy thereby improving your car’s performance.

Coilovers are made of a shock absorber, coil spring, bump stop, upper and lower mount, jam nuts and washers. The single threaded shock casing is the most common type of coilovers. It comes with a locking collar that was designed to spin on the sleeve. This uses some simple turns of the collar and a locking key. This is an incredible setup that offers height adjustability during the ride.

The basic function of coilovers

Coilovers can improve the handling of any car model you possess. So coilovers offer both easy handling and adjustability. The “well designed” kits will be able to help you have better handling and adjustability.

Coilovers are one of the best things that happen to our cars, and this is evident from their functions and benefits. Thanks to coilovers, you can adjust the height of your car as you desire if you feel your car is too low. They help your car adjust or fit any road conditions, be it a rough terrain or a smooth and well-tarred highway.

If you are into racing, coilovers help you balance out the weight transfer at the four corners where they can be found. They also provide adjustability and help in the proper weight distribution and ride height adjustment as earlier mentioned.

Pros and cons of coilovers


  • Simple design, quick installation;
  • The ability to quickly increase/decrease the clearance without disassembling the suspension;
  • Ability to adjust the stiffness of shock absorbers for any purpose;
  • Acceptable cost and no need to produce high-tech and expensive suspension tuning;
  • The possibility of a separate installation on regular shock absorbers;
  • You can install coilovers on almost any car.


  • The price of coilovers is twice as high as high-quality shock absorbers from reputable manufacturers;
  • It is not always possible to install over old racks;
  • Certain skills and time are necessary for adjustment. The difference in the adjustment of the two coilovers can lead to an imbalance and further degrade the driving characteristics;
  • After adjusting the coilovers, it is often necessary to adjust the camber/toe.

Now that you have seen the Pros and Cons of coilovers, you can make an informed decision about buying. If you decide to install coilovers on your vehicle, a good place to search for quality coilovers with pocket-friendly prices is

Remember, it all depends on what you want, however; it is very important you speak with a suspension expert before you make this change in your vehicle. Like any part of your vehicle, your coilovers will require proper maintenance. If you notice any default in your ride quality, make sure you take your vehicle for proper supervision by a suspension care expert.