What Is the Platform of Gluon and How Does It Work

Gluon’s platform creates an interconnected network of vehicles so that users (both individuals and businesses) can:

  • Monitor
  • Track
  • Tune
  • Diagnose issues

Current innovations

Despite current innovations in the field of automotive technologies like self-drive and self-park vehicles together with the enrichment of added fuel sources, passenger vehicles have now been totally left out of further discussion about new innovations. Even with the internet, most vehicles today use technology to track and report on only one auto at a time, and only when that auto is at the repair shop. Consumers can all connect to the internet with in their cars; why not have the cars connect to the internet when the users are not in the cars. Not just one at a time but all vehicles that a consumer or manager might own. This is the basis for the Gluon platform.

Behind Gluon

With the Gluon platform, consumers and managers of fleets can connect their vehicles with:

  • Manufacturers
  • Parts suppliers
  • Repair shops


Consumersare also able to:

  • Diagnose problems themselves
  • Then order parts for these vehicles
  • Finally invite bids on repairs

Consumers will be able to keep vehicles tuned up for optimum performance and regulate their use.

Repair shops

Repair shops will be able to diagnose vehicles in a way that is much more cost effective and then accurately order the correct parts needed; if the user has not already done so. Repair shops can also promote their shops to other markets.

Auto parts distributors

Distributors of auto parts can track as well as distribute parts much more efficiently. These supported ‘links in the chain’ can pay for all this by using traditional methods of payment or cryptocurrency blockchain payments using GLU tokens for services.

Patent pending

This gluon platform currently has a patent pending, and will generate multiple streams of revenue including:

  • Hardware sales
  • Diagnostic services
  • Monitoring services
  • Software subscriptions
  • Advertising
  • Data services
  • Ecommerce sale of parts
  • Transaction processing with blockchain or cryptocurrency


These pieces are currently not in place yet. But when they are this will be a new and innovative way for consumers to keep all vehicles up and running to their performance best. And when autos do have something that needs to be fixed, this method should bring the costs down for auto repair.