What To Do In Case Your Gear Gets Stuck While On The Road

In the unfortunate situation where you find yourself struggling with a stuck transmission gear while on the road, do not panic. It can be a scary moment to find yourself out of control, but as long as you keep a calm head, you will be fine. Here are some ideas on how to fix a stuck transmission Mercedes Benz drivers should know about in case of an emergency:

1: Stay Calm

Instead of spiraling in a full panic because your car’s gears are stuck, take a deep breath and center yourself. Panicking will only make matters worse.

2: Assess The Situation

If you are stuck in a parking lot or in an isolated area, there is no reason to rush things, you can take your time to figure out why the gears are stuck. However, if you are stuck on the road and causing traffic it may be best to step out of your car and redirect traffic so that the vehicles behind you will know you are having car trouble.

3: Is The Car Parked On An Incline?

Whether you parked on the side of a steep incline or stuck because you put the transmission Mercedes Benz gears on Park while stuck in traffic on a slope, this may be the reason why the gears are stuck. The pressure on the park pawl prevents the gears from retracting, pushing the car a few inches from the incline may quickly solve your problem.

4: Check The Brake Switch

If the car isn’t stuck on an incline, there might be an issue with the brake switch. Most cars tie the shift lock mechanism to the brake switch and when the switch is unplugged, shifting becomes near impossible. Check if the brake lights are working, if not plug it in and see if the vehicle moves.

5: Check For A Manual Release Button

Sometimes the answer is in plain sight and you just haven’t noticed it yet. There are instances where vehicles have a manual shift interlock release button, plug, or even key slot. When you have found the release mechanism, apply the brakes first before pushing the button. This will allow you to safely shift out of the park gear without worrying about a suddenly moving vehicle.

Still Stuck?

There are instances where it is impossible to get the gears unstuck, even after trying the different suggestions mentioned above. If that is the case with your car, it is best to call in the professionals for help. Contact a tow truck for roadside assistance to avoid causing an inconvenience to other motorists on the road.

What Are The Causes?

As soon as a Mercedes Benz is shifted into park, the vehicle is firmly still in its space, even if it is parked on an incline or on a flat surface. This is possible thanks to the park pawl which is found inside the car’s transmission. When there is an obstruction that prevents the park pawl from releasing its contact with the park gear, the vehicle will not move, which is why the gears are stuck and difficult to move.

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