What Type Of Vehicle Should A Tradie Drive?

Different trades demand different works from vehicles. Some jobs might require your vehicle to have ample space for cargo, while some may require a powerful engine. However, regardless of what you do for a living as a tradie, there are only three types of vehicles to really choose from – a truck, a van, and an ute. Which one should be your vehicle of choice?

Pick A Van If You’re For Passenger Capacity

One advantage of a van is its huge passenger capacity. It’s the perfect option if you’re a tradie who works with a team or a crew. You will need the space provided by a van not only for your passengers, but also for the equipment that you use for work. An Ute won’t be too useful for this purpose as its seats won’t be safe to sit on. A truck won’t get the job done either, as it lacks the seating capacity, plus, it won’t protect the crew during a rain. A van, on the other hand, can offer just that. What’s more is that you won’t have to drag around a trailer all the time. And as an added bonus, you can always transform the interior of your van if you work alone, but work with a lot of tools and equipment. You can do this by adding shelvings and organisers.

Go For An Ute For General-Purpose Work

An all-around handyman won’t necessarily need to move heavy cargo that requires a truck and probably won’t need plenty of room that a van provides. However, a regular car won’t be able to handle the rough work that tradies usually do either. The best vehicle for the job is no other than an Ute. There’s a bit of a similarity between an Ute and a truck, but Utes are built on larger car platforms. They are not as strong as trucks, but they can haul heavy materials, too. Utes are also smaller and are lower to the ground. If your work requires you to drive off road, some models of Utes are designed to do just that as well. Most importantly, they’re a lot cheaper than a truck, so they’re the better option, too, if truck finance may seem daunting to you. This is no doubt the best option if you are looking for something that could accomplish what both a van and truck could.

Choose A Truck For Power and Cargo Capacity

Power is basically what trucks could offer you. If your job requires your to haul large loads of oddly-shaped cargo, lift heavy objects, and tow trailers on a regularly basis, then there’s no second thoughts that it’s a truck you need. A truck is perfect for such kinds of work with its open flat beds that allow you stack any large object both vertically and horizontally. It’s also the perfect vehicle for hauling things safely because of its powerful engine and its height from the ground. If you’re worrying the elements, you can always cover your cargo with a large tarp, which you can buy or rent.

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