What You Need to Know Before Getting Your Car Serviced

Servicing your car is very important from time to time to keep your car clean and tidy. Due to regular driving, the car gets dirty over time. It needs to be cleaned on the inside and outside from time to time so that all systems continue running smoothly. While you can clean on your own, it’s generally better if you take it to a professional service centre for cleaning at least once every four to six months. Unfortunately, many people get ripped off when they take their car for servicing at local service centres. It’s important that you know exactly what a car service includes and the value-added services that many companies offer. Here are a few important tips you should follow when getting your car serviced.

Exterior Cleaning

Companies that offer a car service in Canberra will first start off with cleaning the exterior of your car. The company will wash the exterior of the car with a specific cleaning solution that is designed to remove all stains and hardened grime from the top of the vehicle, without actually damaging the paint. Once the exterior has been cleaned, the servicemen will apply a car polish on the paint and let it dry for a half hour or so. This is known as a paint shiner and protector, and will make your car look as good as new.

Interior Cleaning

Once the exterior of the car has been cleaned, the servicemen will then start off with cleaning the interior. All of the mats from the floor of the car will be removed and washed. The carpets will be vacuumed and cleaned, and the seat covers will also be washed with a quick-dry cleaning solution. All the exposed surfaces like the dashboard, the speedometer cluster, and the side doors will need to be wiped down. The car gets dirty over time and needs to be vacuumed and cleaned every few months. Interior cleaning can take around a half hour or so. Most people usually stay at the service centre while their car is getting cleaned.

Underside Cleaning

The car is fixed on a platform and raised above so that the underside can be cleaned. The underside tends to get incredibly dirty due to the constant grime and dirt that gets stuck underneath. Once the car is raised above, a high-pressure water pump is used for cleaning all of the dirt and grime that gets lodged on the surface. Most companies offer a series of packages to their customers for car servicing. The more expensive package obviously includes a deeper detail of servicing, while the cheaper ones take much less time. These are some important things you should know before you take your car for a service.